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Appearing in "Ugly Little Dreams part 1"

Featured Characters:

  • Riptide (appears in both flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Det. Burdine
  • Gweyn
  • Huey




Synopsis for "Ugly Little Dreams part 1"

Riptide wakes up from a nightmare about a scuba diving incident in which two of her fellow divers died investigating a sunken cruise ship.  She turns on the TV only to see a news report that she is under investigation for the incident.  At the TV studio, reporter Jack Leeds brushes off the Youngblood official who paid him to broadcast the story.  At the Pentagon, Alexander Graves tells Keever to deal with Leeds and assigns Battlestone to help him in his plot against Riptide.  Leanna runs into Masada while out in Georgetown, and they go to lunch. Leanna wants to strike back at Graves, but Masada advises her to stand trial for the incident.  Just then, police arrive to arrest her.  Meanwhile, Leeds comes across some new information and runs out of his office.  Riptide flees with Masada into an alley, but Masada convinces her to surrender.  Just after the police leave with Riptide in custody, Leeds approaches Masada and reveals he can prove Riptide has been set up.


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