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Appearing in "Ugly Little Dreams part 2"

Featured Characters:

  • Riptide (appears in both flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:





Synopsis for "Ugly Little Dreams part 2"

Once again, Riptide has a nightmare about the diving incident.  She recalls being drawn to an underwater cave and meeting a green-skinned sorceress who told her to choose between her life and the lives of her fellow divers.  She wakes up just before Battlestone enters her room and tells her he has posted her bail. He invites her to the Pentagon, but en route, she notices that is not where they are going.  She bursts out of the car, and Battlestone attacks her. She fends him off with her water powers and escapes.  Meanwhile, Leeds tells Masada he is going to exonerate Riptide at the expense of his own career.  At the Pentagon, Graves is ranting about Leeds when Riptide enters to confront him. She tells him to stay out of her life and leaves.  On her way out, Battlestone arrives and, to her surprise, declines to fight her.  She returns home to find the police waiting for her, not to arrest her but to inform her the charges against her have been dropped. Instead, they have arrested Leeds. Masada tells Riptide that Leeds obtained the Youngblood file on her origin and that it clears her of any wrongdoing in the diving incident.  Elsewhere, Keever deletes the file from Youngblood’s system; he was Leeds’s ultimate source.


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