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Ron Marz is an American comic book writer.

He is well known for his work on Silver Surfer and Green Lantern, as well as the Marvel vs DC crossover and Batman/Aliens.

He also worked on the CrossGen Comics series Scion, Mystic, Sojourn, and The Path. At Dark Horse Comics he created Samurai: Heaven and Earth and has written various Star Wars comic books. He has also done work for Devil’s Due Comics’s Aftermath line, namely Blade of Kumori.

Marz received criticism from fandom for his part in turning the character of Hal Jordan into a villain in order to make way for a new Green Lantern character, Kyle Rayner. He has also been criticized for the perceived misogynistic tone of his writing, in particular a story he wrote for Green Lantern which coined the phrase Women in Refrigerators as well as the website of the same name. Marz reported received numerous hate letters for his "treatment" of Hal Jordan.[1] Despite this, he returned to the Green Lantern series after an absence to pen the final arc of the book's third volume.

As of 2007, Marz began working on a number of Top Cow books including Witchblade and a Cyberforce relaunch. For DC Comics, he wrote Ion, a 12 part comic book that follows the Kyle Rayner character after the One Year Later event.

Having been a lifelong fan of the character, Ron was the brain behind Moonstone Books' 2006 Annual featuring The Phantom, and was responsible for getting writers Chuck Dixon, Mike Bullock, Tony Bedard, and Rafael Nieves participate with chapters for the book.[1] Marz has also signed on to write a short story with the character for one of Moonstone's upcoming Phantom prose collections.

In 2008 Marz signed an exclusive contract with Top Cow and announced he would be on Witchblade till at least the end of 2010 as well as writing The Magdalena (long in developement) as well as Dragon Prince.

After completing his War of the Witchblades arc that ran from Witchblade #125-130, he and artist Stjepan Sejic are also writing/drawing The Angelus limited series featuring new Angelus host Danielle Baptiste.


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