Rowan Black

Rowan Black (Black Magick)
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Rowan Black
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Police Officer
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Rowan Black is a witch who comes from a long lineage of witch praticioners. She works with the Portsmouth Police Department but keeps her powers a secret.

One day, Rowan was in the middle of a seance with several witches. The seance was interrupted when she suddenly received a call on her cell phone from her day job as a police officer. She learned someone had taken hostages and specifically requested her by name. She biked to the scene and they quickly learned they were outmatched. The man had read the police handbook and tricked her into coming in alone in exchange for the hostages and set up traps to prevent her escape. He then revealed he knew she was a witch and knew her real name. He pulled out a lighter and threatened to burn her alive. Before he could, she cast a spell that caused the man to burn himself alive instead. Once outside and recovering, Rowan called her friend Alex, who had led the seance earlier that day.[1]

Later, Alex met with Rowan and learned that the man who had attempted to kill Rowan was under a spell. They talked about the lighter the man used had a hammer signal and realized that 'they', Aira, hadn't used spells in a long time. Later, Rowan and her partner, Morgan Chaffey, researched why someone would target her. They learned the man's real name was Rowan White.[2] Her co-workers, Nicky and Mike Perrini, began to investigate the case as well. Rowan stole the lighter out of evidence so that Alex could cast a locator spell to discover who was behind the attack.[3]

Ro and Morgan returned to the morgue. They learned that Bruce had been killed first before he was dumped in the river and had his arm removed.[4]

Later, Rowan headed to Alex' home to see if she had finished the locator spell. However, upon arriving she found that she had been sucked into another world and was battling a witch. Rowan entered the world and killed the witch to retrieve Alex. Upon emerging from the alternate world, Alex told her that whoever had attacked her was powerful, and was waiting for Rowan so she needed to be careful.[5]

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