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Real Name
Rudolph "Rex" Conners
Current Alias
Teen Team (formerly), Guardians of the Globe (formerly)
Base Of Operations

Unusual Features
Disembodied brain; severe deformity (formerly)
Marital Status
Prison inmate, political adviser; former adventurer, government agent, director of the Global Defense Agency
Educated in matters of science, engineering, and genetics.
Place of Birth
First appearance

Quote1.png "You know what this is? It's new. It's a new way of doing things, of fighting evil, of saving the world. And it's messy and imperfect, but it's effective. But most of all... it's new". Quote2.png
-- Rex Conners


Teen Team

The superhero known as Robot was the leader of the Teen Team, a group of teenage superheroes. While fighting the super-villains known as the Mauler Twins, Robot and the other members of the Teen Team met a teenage superhero named Invincible. Although he never joined them, Invincible remained a loyal ally.[1]

Soon after the Mauler Twins' apprehension, Robot begins investigating another matter of bombings happening in a local mall. Soon after another bombing occurs, Robot starts to piece the evidence together, eventually linking the source of the bombs back to Invincible's school. Soon after cross-referencing a few more sources, Robot determines the bombs are being produced by one of the school's teachers, David Hiles. During a battle with an unknown supervillain, Robot phones Atom Eve to inform her of his discovery and sends her and Invincible to apprehend him.

Soon after the defeat of David Hiles, the Guardians of the Globe send a membership request to Robot. In light of this, Robot calls a meeting with the other members of the Teen Team. He informs them that he will be accepting the request and because of it will be shutting down the Teen Team. The other members congratulate him on the membership request and tell him they are fine with him shutting down the team. Robot said his goodbyes to his former team members and departed to try out for the Guardians of the Globe.

Guardians of the Globe

After the Guardians of the Globe were assassinated by Omni-Man, Robot was appointed the head of the new team by Cecil Stedman. Cecil also appointed Robot with the task of gathering superheroes to form a new Guardians of the Globe team, to which Robot graciously accepted.

Robot organized tryouts for the new Guardians of the Globe and, alongside Donald Ferguson, begins to assemble a team. Eventually, after a long day of watching various heroes run a simulation test, Robot announces the new Guardians of the Globe line-up consisting of Dupli-Katie, Rex Splode, Black Samson, Monster Girl, and Shrinking Ray. Robot also offered Invincible a place, but he declines, saying he is too busy to be able to fully commit to such a team.

After Invincible's brutal fight with Omni-Man, Robot and the new Guardians of the Globe set-up a temporary base in the old Teen Team hideout. It is there Atom Eve asks Robot if he could help her find Invincible since his disappearance after being brutally beat by Omni-Man. Robot promises Eve he will find Invincible and takes the opportunity to ask Donald during their next meeting, to which Donald confirms to him that they have Invincible placed under care for the meantime. Donald also informs Robot that the top Government officials are not pleased with the new Guardians of the Globe's performance so far and Donald tells Robot their performance must improve or other measures will have to be taken.

Sometime later, Robot and the other Guardians of the Globe team together with Invincible and Atom Eve to avert an invasion of Earth by the Flaxians in Saudi Arabia. Robot and the other heroes quickly deduced that the bands the Flaxians are wearing are stopping them from aging quickly and begin to remove them. This causes the Flaxian leader to panic, and he orders his men to retreat back into their own dimension.

Robot is later called by Donald to report to the previous Guardian of the Globe base in Utah for a meeting. It is there that Donald tells Robot that he is pleased to see the new Guardian team's performance is improving, but also says the head Government officials are still not fully impressed by the new team. Robot starts to protest, but Donald cuts him off and introduces him to the superhero Bulletproof, who will be joining the team for extra muscle. Robot then inquires about how the Government managed to acquire the old Guardians base. Before Donald can answer, Cecil teleports into the base along with the recently revived Immortal. Cecil informs Robot that Immortal will now be serving as adviser to the new Guardians of the Globe team and will be offering advice to Robot, suggesting that Robot should take that advice before leaving with Donald.

Robot later informs Monster Girl that Bulletproof has made several complaints against her about her constant hitting on him. Robot begins to tell Monster Girl that she cannot keep doing such things as it makes him uncomfortable, but she cuts him off, saying that she is a 29 year-old woman and cannot prevent such urges. Robot then extracts a skin sample from her and tells her that he will see if he can work on a way of stopping Monster Girl's powers from reversing her aging process. Monster Girl then thanks him before walking off.

Robot and the other members of the Guardians of the Globe are called to action to prevent an oncoming alien invasion. However, things go badly, and the invasion enters cities across the Earth, causing numerous amounts of damage. The alien invaders eventually retreat, but the failure to prevent the massive amounts of property damage falls onto Robot's shoulders and because of it, he is fired from leader of the Guardians of the Globe. Cecil enlists Immortal to replace him and asks Robot if he still wishes to stay on the team, to which Robot grudgingly tells Cecil he does.

Under New Management

After being replaced as leader of the Guardians of the Globe by Immortal, Robot and the rest of the team embark on a new mission to take down Machine Head's criminal empire. Robot and the rest of the team arrive just in time to find Mark and the villain Titan fighting off all of Machine-Head's cartel by themselves. Robot and the rest of the Guardians quickly join the fight and manage to subdue all of Machine-Head's super-powered guards with the exception of Battle Beast, who retreats from the battle calling it a pathetic waste of his time. Afterwards, Machine-Head is apprehended and placed in custody, but not without Bulletproof and Black Samson becoming seriously wounded in the battle.

Robot later visits Bulletproof while he is recovering from his injuries, asking him is he is alright. Bulletproof says he is fine and goes on to ask Robot why the new team leader in Immortal didn't have the time to check on how he and Samson was doing. Robot merely tells him he just does not have the time, but Bulletproof tells Robot that he thinks Immortal is nothing but a jerk and bad team leader, telling Robot he was a much better leader than Immortal is. Robot tells Bulletproof that he understands his frustrations, but that he must leave quickly for a meeting with Donald. During such meeting, Robot informs Donald of his concerns about Monster Girl's degrading condition, telling him she is getting increasingly younger by the day with every use of her powers. Robot asks Donald if he can grant his request of getting a note of leave for Monster Girl until he can work on a fix for her condition. Donald tells Robot he can't and Cecil likely wouldn't allow it either.

Much later, Robot orders his drone suit back to where is actual body is stationed, readying to begin the next phase of his plan.

Robot is later seen modifying Black Samson's suit for Monster Girl's use, hoping it will be a temporary solution to stop her reversed aging effect from taken place. Monster Girl finds him doing this and notices that he is slightly nervous. Robot denies this, saying he lacks the ability to be nervous, hoping to keep his cover of being just a robot suit intact.

During a day at the Guardians base, Rex Splode tells Robot that Dupli-Kate cheated on him with Immortal, asking him why she would do this to him. Robot tells him that he did the exact same thing to Eve with Dupli-Kate awhile ago. Rex realizes this and starts to beat himself up over it, but Robot tells him not to, placing his hand on his friend's shoulder. Suddenly, Rex jumps in pain, asking Robot what he just did to him. Robot tells Rex that he must have just pinched a nerve, when in reality he took an extract of Rex's DNA to help complete his plan. Robot's drone suit later takes this DNA sample back to his actual body, where he plans to use it to clone him a body of Rex Splode in order to finally be able to move around as a normal person.

Robot later joins almost all of Earth's heroes in a combined assault against the cross-dimension villain Omnipotus. Robot and the hero Tech Jacket formulate a plan to defeat their cross-dimensional foe using Omnipotus' own warp key to re-open a portal to his own dimension, hoping to trap Omnipotus in there. However, the heroes of Earth provide no match for Omnipotus' strength and are almost defeated, but the timely arrival of a newly regenerated Black Samson saves them as he pushes Omnipotus through the portal and traps the villain back in his own dimension.

Ready to move into the next stage of his plan with Rex Splode's DNA in his possession, Robot seeks out the Mauler Twins to help him, realizing their knowledge of cloning will be invaluable in creating him a new body to move freely in. Robot brings the two Maulers to visit his actual body, tasking them with implanting his mind into the clone body of Rex Splode, bribing the Maulers to do so with any sum of money they would like, convincing them to accept Robot's offer.

A New Body

After the Mauler twins finish setting up their cloning equipment, they and Robot begin the procedure to insert his mind into the cloned body of Rex Splode. The procedure ends in success, and Robot's mind is inserted into the cloned body of Rex Splode. Robot's original body then reawakens, wishing for the new cloned version of himself to end his suffering. The cloned version obeys this request and kills his original body. The Mauler Twins then demand their payment, but Robot tells them they will be going back to prison, revealing he has fooled the Maulers into thinking he will actually pay them all along. Robot then uses a gigantic robotic drone to fight the Maulers, easily subduing and apprehending the pair of criminals.

After finishing off with the Mauler Twins, Robot informs Cecil of what has transpired, informing him that he was actually not a Robot all along. Later, along with Cecil, Robot announces this to his fellow heroes in the Guardians of the Globe, explaining to them all that had happened with his actual body and the Mauler Twins. He also tells Monster Girl that she was the reason he decided to give himself a clone body, telling her that through studying her own plight, it reminded him of his, and he decided to come up with a solution. Robot also tells Monster Girl that he specifically picked Rex's form to clone because it was pleasing to her eye, but tells her that he does not love her or anything along those lines. Monster Girl then asks him if he would like to hang out with her sometime, to which Rex replies he would, remarking that phase two of his plan is underway under his breath.

Robot later sends one of his drone constructs to assist the rest of the Guardians of the Globe in a battle against Doc Seismic. Along with the help of the Martian superhero Shapesmith, Robot and the rest of the Guardians manage to capture Doc Seismic and stop him from causing anymore destruction. After the battle, Monster Girl asks Robot how he can control the drones he uses, to which he tells her he uses an advanced form of technopathy to do so. He then asks Monster Girl if she would like to see a movie with him, to which she replies she does as long as it is with the actual Robot, not one of his drone constructs.

Robot and Monster Girl later visit the cinemas to see the movie Monster Girl wanted to see, but the cinema clerk says that they need to be over 18 to see the film without parent consent. Robot quickly talks the clerk into thinking his dad is with him, even using a complete stranger to trick the clerk into thinking that the stranger is Robot's dad. This gains him and Monster Girl entry into the cinema, with Monster Girl stating she was impressed with the way Robot got them entry. Later that day, Robot informs Monster Girl that he has made great progress in finding a cure for Monster Girl's aging condition.

Robot and the other Guardians of the Globe are later called together by Cecil in order to prepare for an oncoming alien invasion. Shapesmith reveals to them all that he is actually a Martian and the alien race that is approaching Earth are the Sequids who are using the American astronaut Rus Livingston who was left on Mars months earlier as a host for their invasion fleet. Robot and the other Guardians quickly board a space shuttle to intercept the Sequid flight path. Robot reveals his real name of Rudolph Connors to Monster Girl along the way, to which she nicknames him Rudy. The Sequids soon locate the shuttle Robot and the others are on and blast it to pieces using rockets. Atom Eve manages to construct a shield to protect everyone from the vacuum of space and the explosion. Eventually, Robot and the other heroes successfully make it aboard the Sequid-controlled Martian warship, almost immediately entering battle with the entire Sequid population aboard the ship. As all seems lost, Robot devises a plan to stop the Sequids using his suit to create a device that will sever the link between the Sequids and Rus Livingston. Robot eventually completes this device and Invincible uses it on Rus Livingston, managing to render all the Sequids unconscious and saving the day. The Martians thank Robot and the other heroes for their help, but ask them to turn over Shapesmith to them for interrogation. Robot and the other heroes refuse and manage to escape the Martian onslaught on one of their ships and return to Earth using it.

After the Sequid invasion is dealt with, Immortal retires from his position as leader of the Guardians of the Globe due to Dupli-Kate's recent 'death' at the hands of the Lizard League. Cecil re-appoints Robot as the head of the Guardians team again. Meanwhile, Robot continues to try and find a solution to Monster Girl's aging problem, this time trying to teach her the same technopathy he uses to control his drone constructs. Monster Girl finds this too difficult and outbursts at Robot, telling him she does not want to lose him because of her aging problem now they are so close. Robot tells her not to worry because he won't be going anywhere.

Robot later participates in the defense of Earth against Doc Seismic and the various creatures living under the Earth's crust he summons. Eventually, Robot and the other heroes of Earth are captured by Doc Seismic, bragging that he has finally won. However, they are saved by the timely arrival of Darkwing and D.A. Sinclair's Reanimen, now both under the orders of Cecil. This turns the fight in the heroes' favors, and they manage to once again defeat Doc Seismic.

Later, back at the Pentagon, Invincible comes to Robot and the other Guardians of the Globe to tell them of Cecil's dirty dealings with Darkwing and D.A. Sinclair. Cecil suddenly appears and orders his Reanimen to restrain Robot and the others. The heroes quickly band together and fend off the Reanimen, eventually getting to Cecil and threatening him that they will no longer follow him and, alongside multiple other members of the Guardians of the Globe, Robot quits from the team in disgust of Cecil's actions.

Post-Guardians of the Globe

After resigning from the Guardians of the Globe, Robot, alongside Monster Girl, Atom Eve, Rex Splode, and Bulletproof form a new team operating from the old Teen Team base.

Invincible later approaches Robot asking him if he can help analyze a mysterious orb that was watching him at his house. Robot accepts this task and immediately begins work on the orb. After a few hours of study on the device, Robot finds no trace of who the orb could have been sent by, only that it was certainly a surveillance camera sent to watch over Invincible and his family.

Robot later informs Monster Girl that he has finally found a solution to her aging problem. He hands her a belt, telling her it will store a copy of her DNA before she transforms into her monster form, effectively stopping her reverse aging from taking place. Monster Girl thanks him for his great service, but their celebration is cut short by the arrival of Invincible, who asks Robot if he has made any discoveries on the surveillance orb. Robot sadly informs his friend that he has not, but warns Invincible that the orb was incredibly technologically advanced, stating whoever was behind it is not to be underestimated.

Invincible War

When multiple alternate dimension versions of Invincible begin attacking his own dimension under the orders of Angstrom Levy, Robot and his team of heroes spring to action in the defense of Earth. During the battle for Earth, Monster Girl is wounded by one of the alternate dimension versions of Invincible. Robot begins to help her, but one of the evil Invincibles locates them, moving in for the killing blow on them both. However, Rex Splode comes to both their aids at the last minute, grappling with the evil Invincible in desperation. Bulletproof suddenly shows up and flies Robot and Monster Girl to safety, as Robot looks on at Rex Splode sacrificing himself in order to kill the alternate version of Invincible.

Invincible War: The Aftermath

In the aftermath of the battle for Earth, Robot is quickly recruited by Cecil to help him organize a worldwide relief effort to clean up the damage the Invincible War caused. Despite Robot's prior complaints about Cecil's leadership, he manages to bury them in order to help pitch into the bigger relief effort, and he uses his drone constructs to help with the cleanup operation immediately.

Robot later attends the funeral for those who died during the Invincible War. He delivers a speech for Rex Splode, stating during the funeral that he will be legally changing his name from Rudolph to Rex in honor of his friend's sacrifice.

Still helping with the cleanup of Earth, Robot and the other heroes of Earth are attacked by the Sequids, having still made it to Earth with their host of Rus Livingston after their first defeat. Robot and the other heroes are quickly swarmed by the Sequids, but Robot deduces that the real host of the Sequids is below ground and heads out in his human form to deal with it. Eventually, he finds it, but the host anticipates this and uses a massive swarm of Sequids to pin Robot. This does not stop Robot, however, as he manages to rid himself of the swarm and neutralize the hidden host. As the Sequid invasion continues, Mark loses control and decapitates Rus Livingston to prevent the invasion from continuing any longer, as Robot and the other Guardians watch on in shock of their friend's actions. After arriving back at Utah, still shaken by Invincible's actions, Robot takes a shower. However, Sequids suddenly come out of his mouth, but he quickly kills them before they can use him as a host, thus seemingly ending the Sequid invasion once and for all.

Robot is yet again called into action alongside the other Guardians of the Globe, after having rejoined the team, this time to fend off another invasion attempt by the Flaxans at conquering Earth. After successfully pushing the Flaxans to retreat once again, Robot and Monster Girl decide to follow them through their portal, hoping to end their threat once and for all. After Robot and Monster Girl enter through the portal, it closes behind them, stranding them in the Flaxan dimension.

Life In The Flaxan Dimension

After entering the portal to the Flaxan dimension with Monster Girl, Robot finds himself and Monster Girl surrounded by Flaxan soldiers with no choice but to surrender to their foes.

Captivity and Rebellion

Many weeks go by since capture by the Flaxans and many attempts are made to dissect Robot and Monster Girl. However, the Flaxans eventually give up such methods and Robot deduces that they believe Monster Girl to be some sort of trained beast and himself to be magical creature created to keep such a beast in line. Robot also tells Monster Girl that he should be able to completely master the Flaxan language in no more than a month's time as long as he is able to keep hacking in and listening over Flaxan communications. Many more weeks go by with Robot and Monster Girl still being held in Flaxan captivity when suddenly their holding cell guards throw a Flaxan citizen into the cell with them. The Flaxan citizen starts to panic and from the parts of the Flaxan language Robot has learnt, he puts it together that the citizen has been thrown in the cell as a meal for Monster Girl, the Flaxan guards still believing her to be nothing more than a giant beast.

Still being held prisoner, Monster Girl is used by the Flaxans as a gladiator for their arena combat, as one of the Flaxan chancellors handpicked her for such a feat. Meanwhile, Robot is left to the confines of the cell, using the opportunity to talk with the Flaxan prisoner and learn more of the Flaxan tongue. After another day of fighting in the arena, Monster Girl returns to the cell from her combat challenges. She inquires about having to even bother wearing her belt anymore, as she is clearly not aging in the Flaxan dimension. Robot informs her that they have been prisoners for over four years in the Flaxan dimension and have still not even aged a day, stating that the reverse of what happens to the Flaxans in their own dimension is happening to them; that being the both of them are aging at an extremely slow rate. Soon after this, Monster Girl is removed from the cell and taken to serve the Flaxan emperor at as his champion.[2]

Over a period of twenty more years in Flaxan captivity, Robot devises a plan to overthrow the emperor of the Flaxan people using the help of a group of rebels operating on the planet. In doing this, Robot eventually attacks the Flaxan throne room at the end of the twenty years and finally meets Monster Girl there again. However, this attack is repelled by the Flaxan guards and Robot, alongside Monster Girl, were assigned the task of rebuilding the entire Flaxan capital city of Klaxia by themselves as punishment, a city which was destroyed by Omni-Man generations ago when he was held captive in the Flaxan dimension. Robot uses this punishment as an opportunity to further his plan of overthrowing the Flaxan empire. He informs Monster Girl that they will be rebuilding the entire city of Klaxia from the ground up and that while it may take them years to do, the Flaxan people will eventually start to notice the progress they are making and send slave workers to assist in the rebuilding. At the same time, such slave workers who have no love for the Flaxan people will have heard the tales from generations ago about Robot almost taking the Flaxan throne room. Robot then tells Monster Girl that through these slave workers who will be devoted to him will eventually follow him in a revolt to take the city of Klaxia for themselves.[3]

Much to Robot's planning, over a century after being sent to rebuild Klaxia, such a revolt does occur and he himself becomes the leader of it. Robot, Monster Girl, and the slave worker rebels manage to take the city of Klaxia for themselves and prepare for war against the rest of the Flaxan soldiers under the emperor and the Zaxal royal family.[4]

The Great War of Independence

After amassing his slave worker army, Robot, alongside Monster Girl, head to war against the Zaxal royal family. However, Robot finds that after a series of many battles, although his forces have the Zaxal forces spread thin across the planet, the Zaxal army numbers great outnumber his. This discovery leads Robot to join forces with the Flaxan rebels, hoping the addition of their numbers added to his own will tip the balance of war against the Zaxal royal family in his favor.

After many more decades of battle against the Zaxal royal family, Robot informs Monster Girl that the tide of war has finally turned in their favor. Monster Girl asks Robot why they cannot just go back to their own dimension already, stating that she feels like they both still do not belong in the Flaxan dimension despite the amount of time they have spent there. Robot tells her that they cannot go back for even a week, stating if they do, too much time will pass in the Flaxan dimension and all their work in disabling the Flaxans as a threat will be undone. Robot also tells her that if she could also master the Flaxan tongue, she would fit in a lot easier. This causes her to snap at Robot, reminding him that she is not a genius and has still not even been able to master the Flaxan tongue after three-hundred years in the Flaxan dimension. Robot apologizes to her and the two embrace, but they are interrupted by one of Robot's soldiers, who informs him that his scouting party has returned and Robot is forced to break up his moment with Monster Girl, leaving her alone in their tent.

After even more decades of fighting against the Zaxal royal family, Robot readies his army for the final few battles of war against his centuries old foe. In that moment, he and Monster Girl reunite again after spending years apart, sharing a passionate moment together atop a cliff above their armies.

After a few more battles against the Zaxal forces, Robot's army eventually completely defeated them, gaining complete control of the planet. Over these last few battles, Robot's love for Monster Girl grew even stronger than before and instead of returning to Earth after the war like the pair originally intended, they decided to stay in the Flaxan dimension and live together.

Flaxan Emperor

After his victory in The Great War of Independence, Robot was selected by the Flaxan people to be their new emperor. Robot accepted this role in the thought that as emperor of the Flaxan civilization, he could change the ways of the Flaxan people forever, so they will never threaten Earth again. He also chose Monster Girl to rule alongside him and the two became the rulers of the Flaxan people.

As ruler of the planet, Robot quickly disbanded the warlike ways of the Flaxan people, ushering in a new era of peace. In the first decades of his rule, Robot rebuilt the many Flaxan cities destroyed in The Great War of Independence and deciding the fates of those who opposed him and Monster Girl during the war, with Monster Girl convincing Robot to let the Zaxal family go free.

Sometime during his centuries long rule as Flaxan empire, Robot began to become obsessed with running the civilization and started to neglect and forget about Monster Girl. This in turn lead to Monster Girl's collaboration with the Zaxal people, after hearing they were being forced by Robot's government to work in mines in the Flaxan wasteland to earn a living. After hearing of Monster Girl's rebellious acts against his authority, Robot tells her that she has done nothing but cause him and his rule trouble, treating Monster Girl incredibly harshly while doing so. This action on Robot's part drove Monster Girl away from him for many decades. The two eventually reconciled, but still got in many arguments, some over the treatment of the Zaxal refuges and their inability to sire any children.

Sometime later, during his rule, the Zaxal family eventually attacked Robot in his throne room. Managing to corner him and Monster Girl. Robot ordered Monster Girl to attack their Zaxal foes, but she refused and attacked Robot instead, delivering a blow to him that caused the end of his rule as Flaxan emperor and giving the Zaxal family power again over the planet. After this, Robot's rule was ended, and he was imprisoned back in the cell he was imprisoned in with Monster Girl centuries ago, spending his time writing a letter of forgiveness and apology to her, not knowing she had cheated on him with a Flaxan woman named Zall. However, soon after finishing his letter to Monster Girl, she arrives and breaks him out of his cell, admitting she was wrong about the Zaxal people and informing him that they are mounting another attack on Earth. Robot quickly regains his position of leader of the majority of the Flaxan people and quickly puts an end to the new Zaxal reign, with only Zall and another Zaxal managing to escape his wrath.

After ending the Zaxal coup, Robot and Monster Girl embrace in the Flaxan royal palace, Robot admitting to Monster Girl she was right all along. However, Monster Girl comes clean with him and informs him about her affair with Zall. This causes Robot to go deadly silent on her, broken about her betrayal, and he leaves her alone to make preparations to leave the Flaxan dimension. He later informs Monster Girl that he is ready to travel back to Earth, stating the Flaxan dimension no longer needs them and that all that remains in the dimension for them are painful memories. Monster Girl agrees to come back to Earth with him, agreeing with his suggestion to try and start a new life back on Earth. Robot also tells her that they will be lying about the time they spent in the dimension, telling her to only inform Cecil that they have been in the Flaxan dimension for 12 years, wanting to avoid as many questions as possible. After making a few final preparations, Robot and Monster Girl finally step through a portal back to Earth, ending their time in the Flaxan dimension, but not without Robot giving one last order to his Flaxan soldiers to exterminate and execute every living Zaxal and Zaxal supporter on Flaxan.

Arrival Back on Earth

After leaving his long life in the Flaxan dimension behind, Robot arrives back on Earth alongside Monster Girl. Cecil helps them both get back up to date on the recent happenings on Earth, such as the destruction of Las Vegas, Nevada by Dinosaurus. Cecil then offers Robot a new position in the Guardians of the Globe and beyond, that of the coordinator of every superhero team on the planet. Robot accepts Cecil's offer and begins work in his new role immediately. After finishing up in his meeting, Robot informs Monster Girl of his decision to accept Cecil's offer, also asking her how she is readjusting to life on Earth, to which she tells him that everything is so different than it used to be.

Robot later attends a party thrown in his and Monster Girl's honors on their return to Earth. Though many of his Earth friends try to welcome him back, Robot is constantly distracted by Monster Girl being hit on by many of the male superheroes and becomes even more distanced when she leaves the party with Bulletproof. Robot later bumps into Monster Girl, and she asks him if he wants to talk about their life in the Flaxan dimension, causing him to break down and ask her why she won't let him forget how she betrayed him.

After spending many days readjusting to life on Earth, Robot settles into his new role of coordinating the hero teams of Earth well, leading them to victories over villains like Omnipotus and even helping to prevent the Scourge Virus from reaching Earth. During once such team coordination attempting to stop the villain Octoboss from raiding the Pentagon. After the attack is successfully stopped, Robot compliments Monster Girl on her performance in the battle, to which she retorts back, asking Robot if he was too busy playing his games to properly help in the battle. Robot becomes frustrated at the comment and quips back with one of his own, thus provoking Monster Girl into smashing his drone construct to pieces. Monster Girl later apologizes to Robot for her actions and he does to, telling her that he wants to leave their past in the Flaxan dimension behind, to which Monster Girl snaps at him saying there is no way she can just forget seven hundred years of history between them.

Flaxan Invasion

After the Flaxans invade London, England, Robot refuses to believe it is really them committing such an invasion, not wanting to believe that the Flaxans have become a warlike people again. Robot helps coordinate the Guardians of the Globe in the battle while also controlling one of his drone constructs. However, his construct and the Guardians are quickly immobilized when a large and heavily armored Flaxan leader engages them all in battle, which turns the tide in the favor of the Flaxans.

Robot calls in every available superhero and superhero team on the planet, then suits up in one of his own construct armors and enters the battle against the Flaxans himself, alongside dozens more of his drone constructs. Robot quickly locks up with the heavily armored Flaxan leader and begins to battle with him, mocking that he knows the Flaxan tongue and asking if the Flaxan people tell stories about him. However, Robot is quickly outmatched by his Flaxan foe and is put on the retreat. He finds an 'unconscious' Monster Girl and asks her for help, admitting to her that he still loves her to try and will her into the battle again, also admitting that if he could go back and change things he would. This plan works and Monster Girl rejoins the battle just in time to save Robot's life, fighting back the armored Flaxan leader, telling Robot during this that she heard everything he said to her moments ago. However, their moment is cut short, as the Flaxan leader reveals himself to be able to speak English and that he is actually the son of Monster Girl, shocking Robot.

After Monax's shocking revelation, Robot demands to know why and how Monster Girl hid a child she had with Zall from him, however, he secretly always knew of such child and is more surprised to see it had survived his final orders of genocide of the Zaxal family. Before she can answer, Monax interrupts and explains that his purpose in attacking Earth is to get revenge upon Robot and Monster Girl, in retribution for their crimes against the Zaxal royal family. Monax then proceeds to attack the duo, almost managing to deliver a fatal blow on Robot, but Bulletproof intervenes and engages in combat with Monax at the last second. Soon after this, Monax and his Flaxan soldiers are defeated and the battle won.

Robot and Monster Girl later visit Monax as he is being escorted away by the authorities, but he tells the duo that he has nothing to say to them. Robot later comforts Monster Girl over this, saying that he is ready for them to be together again, the two finally embracing again and rekindling their relationship.

Greenland Incident

As the villain Dinosaurus begins to put his plans into action, Robot and the Guardians of the Globe are called into action to stop him when Invincible warns them of Dinosaurus' plans of attack. Robot quickly locates the device Dinosaurus planted in the sewers of a large metropolitan city, deducing that it is not in fact a bomb like Invincible believed it to be. Robot then discovers that the device is meant to send signals down below the Earth to disrupt the tectonic plates and mere seconds later, his calculations turn out to be correct, and the Earth starts to violently react, causing major cities nearby to start collapsing in on themselves. However, Robot and the other heroes manage to successfully destroy the devices and stop the chaos for the moment. Not realizing it, the devices were merely a distraction set by Dinosaurus, so his real plan of flooding the major cities of Earth could begin, which it does so without delay.

After most of the world's major cities begin to flood, Robot helps with the rescue effort, piloting over thirty drone constructs at the same time as coordinating every superhero on the planet to help with the rescue. Robot then figures out a way of reverting the tides flooding the cities back to normal and uses every available drone construct he has available to help him build two artificial moons to rotate around the Earth. After both are completed, Robot launches them into space and the artificial moons begin to lower the high tide, saving millions of lives in doing so.

Robot later begins helping with the cleanup operation of the damage and death the floods cause. He also ends up moving from Earth to one of his artificial moons, setting up a workshop for his armor inside and a new command center for directing superheroes. Over the course of the cleanup, Robot becomes increasingly frustrated with Invincible's treatment, believing that because Invincible is partially responsible for the floods, he should be locked away for his crimes. Robot also becomes disgusted by the fact Mark gets all the credit for saving the world from Dinosaurus' attacks, while he gets no credit despite being the one who constructed the artificial moons that reverted the flood waters.

A New Profession

After Angstrom Levy returns to Earth and attacks Mark and Eve at their home, Robot is asked by Mark to construct a portal into the parallel dimension Levy entered, so that Angstrom's threat can be dealt with once and for all.

Robot later goes out on a date with Monster Girl, still trying to fully reconnect with each other. After the date, Robot asks Monster Girl if she is still having a hard time readjusting to Earth life. Amanda asks him if he is struggling because he is no longer in charge anymore, to which Robot snaps back, telling her that he used to rule an entire world and be someone important, but now that he is back on Earth, he no longer is.

During his time working on the portal to the parallel dimension for Mark, Robot begins working on other projects in secret rooms all over the artificial room, making sure to conceal them from all the other Guardians and even Monster Girl. He is also soon finishes construction on the portal device to the parallel dimension, informing Invincible they can track Angstrom whenever he is ready to.

Robot and Invincible later venture into the parallel dimension Angstrom resides in and immediately spot a fleet of Viltrumite warships orbiting Earth. After seeing this, the two of them fly down from space to the dimension's Earth. After doing so, the dimension's version of Conquest confronts them, demanding they follow him back to the Citadel. Robot and Mark comply with Conquest's order and are shown to the dimension's version of Mark, who currently rules over Earth.

After brief introductions, the parallel version of Mark escorts the two into a small room harboring Angstrom, who has been strapped to a device so that his powers may be harvested. The parallel version of Mark tells both Robot and Invincible that he is surprised Invincible is good, telling him that Angstrom once told him that he was surprised so few good-hearted Invincible versions existed. This information causes Robot to activate a device, based of the earpieces Cecil installs into Guardian of the Globe ears, contained in his suit that disrupts Viltrumite ears, stunning both versions of Invincible in inconceivable pain. Robot then shoots an explosive device down the throat of the parallel version of Invincible, killing him after a few seconds by causing his head to explode. Robot then moves his focus to Angstrom and cuts his head off, killing the villain instantly. Mark then asks why Robot is doing what he is doing, with Robot telling his former friend that he has big plans for the future and that being the hero he is, Invincible would only get in the way of them. Robot then tells Invincible that to counter this, he will be leaving the hero in the parallel dimension, saying because of their long history, he is unable to kill him. Robot then leaves through a portal back to his own dimension, leaving a confused Invincible stranded in the parallel dimension, somewhat mirroring Robot and Monster Girl's fates in the Flaxan dimension.

Taking Over Earth

After arriving back into his own Dimension, Robot tells no one of his betrayal of Invincible, instead lying to everyone and saying he lost Invincible while hunting for Angstrom. Over the next few months, Robot begins planning for his takeover of Earth, construing an army of new and improved drone constructs to help him fight both the heroes of Earth and the Viltrumites living on Earth's moon. Robot later gains Cecil's permission to access the Global Defense Agency emergency protocols, wanting to analyze and prepare for them when he eventually makes his move.

After sometime, Invincible eventually arrives back in the dimension, informing Cecil of Robot's treachery soon after. However, Robot had already anticipated this and uses one of his older models of drone construct to confront Mark and Cecil in the Pentagon. Robot explains to both of them that he actually spent close to one-thousand years in the Flaxan dimension with Monster Girl, while also trying to deny Invincible's claims against him. However, Cecil, still suspicious, demands that Robot turn himself in for further questioning. Knowing he has no other choice, Robot activates the same device in his armor that he used to stun Mark in the parallel dimension, using it for the same purpose to momentarily stun Invincible. Before Cecil can even react to this, Robot grabs his former friend and cuts his throat open, while telling Invincible that Cecil's incoming death is on him, before curb stomping in Cecil's head, killing him instantly. Seeing this action, Invincible manages to overcome the pain Robot's device is inflicting on him and smashes Robot's drone construct to pieces. However, Robot is still able to send Mark a warning through the drone's destroyed helmet, asking his former friend to meet him at his home.

Robot dispatches one of his new and improved drone constructs to Mark's home, hoping to gain Mark to his side by threatening Eve. Mark eventually arrives home and tells Eve to get away from Robot, greatly confusing her, still thinking Robot is her ally. Mark demands Robot tell him why he murdered Cecil, Robot responding by telling Mark that Cecil had the resources to potentially stop him and had to go first. Robot also warns Mark that he is giving him one last chance to join him, asking him to show the same level of trust he once did in Dinosaurus to him. Mark refuses his offer, stating that he must stop him. A fight breaks out between the two, and Eve tries to run away, being unable to use her powers against Robot due to her pregnancy. However, Robot stops her by shooting a grapple rope around her leg, preventing her from moving. Mark tries to attack Robot, but the latter reveals his new drone constructs are built from a metal he himself invented and that whenever Mark hits him, the same ear-piercing frequency, that his old suit used to emit, will be heard even louder than before. Eve tries begging Robot to stop, but he tells her to shut up and rips her leg off using the grapple cable. Robot prepares to close in on victory, but Eve uses her powers despite the risk to her unborn baby and temporally knocks Robot's drone construct to the floor. However, Robot quickly gains control of the construct again and fires an explosive orb at Invincible, causing the Grayson household to explode in a tremendous fury. Mark and Eve manage to slip through his grasp, but Robot declares that he can wait no longer, remorselessly declaring to himself that the slaughter must begin.

True to his own words, Robot dispatches a fleet of his new robot constructs to Earth. He begins his strike on the planet by murdering the superhero Black Samson in his barber shop, also killing a super villain working there in the form of the Elephant in the process. He then sends more of his drone constructs to both the Pentagon and to intercept a majority of the Guardians of the Globe while they are on a mission. At the Pentagon, Robot engages in battle against Donald and a large group of Reanimen. Robot reveals to Donald that while he may currently have the upper hand in their battle, he has equipped each of his new suits with a self-destruct explosion using the technology from the bomb that eradicated Las Vegas and at that second self-destructs the suit, leveling the entire Pentagon, wiping out the Reanimen and killing all personal inside excluding Donald, who uses his android body to escape. Robot's drone suits eventually catch up to some of the Guardians of the Globe and engage them in battle. During the fight, Robot kills many people and heroes, including Kid Thor, his wife Knockout, Black Samson and Shapesmith.

During the time of his slaughter of the Earth heroes, Robot is confronted by Monster Girl, having invited her to come and see him on one of the artificial Earth moons. Robot informs her of his desires to take over Earth and turn it into a more peaceful planet like he did with the Flaxan home-world. Robot asks Monster Girl to join him and be by his side to fix Earth together. Monster Girl tries to talk, but they are both shot at by Best Tiger, who is trying to assassinate Robot and before Robot can catch the superhero, he escapes into a ventilation duct. Robot tells Monster Girl not to worry about Best Tiger, telling her he won't get far. This causes Monster Girl to realize Robot has already started his massacre of Earth's heroes, and she demands to know why he would betray her and them in such a way. Robot then realizes that Monster Girl won't help him take over Earth and has his drone constructs restrain her, which easily overpower her monster form. Robot then tells his former love he has to go through with his takeover and embraces in one final kiss with her, telling Monster Girl he will always love her before having his drone constructs eject her into space through the airlock.

After dealing with Monster Girl, Robot continues his attacks on the heroes of Earth, however, he finds himself extremely distracted over Monster Girl's apparent demise. He later sends one of his drone constructs to Earth's moon, in order to confront the Viltrumites before they confront him first. When the drone construct arrives, it is immediately confronted by Omni-Man, now the Emperor of the Viltrumites, alongside many Viltrumite warriors. Knowing one of the Viltrumites, Anissa, had saved Monster Girl, Robot immediately asks the Viltrumites how she is doing. Omni-Man tells Robot she is stable, and the two begin to converse about Robot's future plans. Before Robot can get to what he is trying to say, he finds his technopathy powers maximized and asks the Viltrumites to give him a few moments to deal with things before they begin talking terms.

Needing to get back to his conversation with the Viltrumite people, Robot quickly begins to wrap up a few nagging issues on Earth, namely the continued attacks on its superheroes and super villains, during which he fights off an attack generated by Doc Seismic and his underground creatures, managing to cut Doc Seismic in half during their fight. Robot also pays a visit to D.A. Sinclair, who is now working for Robot alongside a team of scientists working to mass produce more drone constructs for Robot. Before resuming conversations with the Viltrumites, Robot personally makes a visit to the White House and in his physical form enters a meeting with the President of the United States about his attacks on Earth.

After dealing with the issues on Earth, Robot continues to speak with the Viltrumites on the Moon. Robot informs them that he knows of their low population problem and their plans to use Earth as a breeding ground as a means to increase their population numbers. He elaborates by informing the Viltrumites that while he is sure they would be able to eventually defeat his drone forces, they would lose numerous people in their own ranks while doing so. Robot then offers the Viltrumites an alternative solution to this dilemma, stating that they should work together in order to form a mutually beneficial partnership. The Viltrumites accept Robot's deal and agree to work with him. Invincible, however, soon attacks Robot's drone suit, only to be stopped by Omni-Man who informs the superhero that they need to talk. Robot uses Invincible's momentary distraction as a chance to get his drone suit out of harm and back to Earth.

After securing a truce with the Viltrumites, Robot meets with multiple world leaders. With the majority of Earth's superheroes either captured, injured, or dead and the Viltrumites now working with him, the world leaders make Robot the new head of the Global Defense Agency in light of Cecil's death. The Global Defense Agency is given almost absolute control over Earth, essentially making Robot the leader of the planet. Invincible confronts Robot at the Pentagon, currently undergoing reconstruction to serve as Robot's new headquarters. Invincible tries one last time to stop Robot's takeover of Earth and begins to attack more of Robot's drones. However, much to his friends shock, Robot surrounds himself with more and more of his drone suits, leaving Invincible with no option other than surrender. Robot explains to Invincible that no matter what he thinks, by gaining control over the world he is making it a much safer place. Robot manages to talk down Invincible and get him to surrender peacefully, successfully eliminating the last threat in the path to control over Earth. Robot later encounters Invincible again trying to save a mother and her child. His drones neutralize the threat, and he begins to talk to Invincible about how things have changed. Asking if he has noticed things have been for the better, he asks if Invincible has come to his senses and wants to work with him. Invincible flies off.


After touching a white light, Mark was transported back in time. He found himself in his body before he received his powers and with all his memories.[5]

Atom Eve was soon approached by Mark at school. He asked her about the Teen Team. She hadn't met him before and was shocked he knew about her secret identity and super-powered team. She dragged him to meet with the Rex, Robot, and Kate. They were all in disbelief that he knew so much about them yet they had never met him before. Over the next week, he told them how to defeat all their future battles with David Hiles, the invading Flaxans, and Maulers.[5]

A few weeks later, still in the reboot, Robot and the Teen Team, along with the original and new Guardians of the Globe, all team up to defeat the Flaxans' second invasion.[6]

Five Years Later

Mark returns to his timeline, but five years after the events that occurred just before the reboot. Robot teams up with Emperor Nolan, his Viltrumites (including Thula), Immortal, and Tech Jacket to stop the Technicians.[7] Rex convinces Nolan to kill them, saying that it won't mean he will slide back to his old ways. Nolan does so, and Rex says that he will be looked upon as a savior rather than a conqueror or murderer. Nolan calls him a good friend.[8] Later, Mark visits Earth, and Nolan takes him to see Rex. Rex tries to convince Mark of all the good he has accomplished in the last five years, but to no avail.[9]

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Cybernetic Enhancement (formerly): Robot has an implant in his brain that allows him to control his drones.
    • Mechanokinesis: With the implant, Robot is allowed to control multiple robotic drones linked to the implant.


  • Bilingual: Robot is fluent in English and Flaxan.
  • Genius Level Intellect: Robot has showcased his genius through the series of Invincible.
    • Mechanical Engineering: He is extremely skilled at making robots or anything mechanical.
    • Science: Very knowledgeable in many scientific fields, most predominantly engineering.
    • Leadership: Very good leader, it helps his experience as a leader in another dimension makes him experienced.
    • Deception: Can fool an entire planet into believing he is incorruptible and a benevolent man.
    • Charisma: Charismatic enough to win over the hearts of a entire planet.



  • Teen Team vehicles (formerly)

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