Quote1 Like hell. If you three are going to get yourselves killed, I might as well tag along. I've done more than enough outliving. Quote2
-- Klara

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

At a hospital on Landfall, a Landfall Coalition soldier tells two reporters how Marko had cut off his hand earlier.[1]

Several weeks after Marko's father died, he still mourned his loss aboard the ship. Alana is rebuked by Klara for reading the trash written by D. Oswald Heist. She tells Alana that she will be accompanying them while her son is unwell.

On a nearby planet, The Will attempts to talk with his claims adjustment advisor for the damages made to his vehicle.[2] Gwendolyn speaks with Slave Girl and asks if she's heard from her rings. Slave Girl tells her that she still hasn't heard anything and her hearing may be damaged from the accident. Gwen promises to find a healing spell for her. The Will rages over and yells at them. When he's about to strike Gwen in frustration, Slave Girl calms him down and tells him, "no hitting."

Upon arriving on Quietus, they have Izabel run point through a bone graveyard. Suddenly the bones come to life and attack them. Izabel informs them the bones are infected with bone bugs and are reanimated by touch. D. Oswald Heist shows up drunk with a gun. He shoots the bones and asks if they are here to take back his advance.

On the planet with The Will at night, he smokes a cigarette as he looks at a picture of The Stalk. He suddenly sees a vision of her. The vision tells him he needs to quick Freelancer work immediately or he'll end up dead. The vision says he should settle down with Gwen and raise Slave Girl. Gwen walks over hearing the noise and the vision disappears. She asks what to do with Slave Girl who was now awake and The Will says that isn't her name anymore and calls her "Sophie."

Solicit Synopsis

THE SMASH-HIT, CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED SERIES RETURNS! Now that you've read the first two bestselling collections of SAGA, you're all caught up and ready to jump on the ongoing train with Chapter Thirteen, beginning an all-new monthly sci-fi/fantasy adventure, as Hazel and her parents head to the planet Quietus in search of cult romance novelist D. Oswald Heist.


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