Quote1 Not that fucking cliche again. Not from you. Quote2
-- Alana

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

The two reporters interview an old commander of Alana's, Countess Robot X. The countess recalls how she turned tail and refused to bomb innocent civilians in order to save their own people's lives. She ended up performing the bomb but was still discharged for hesitating. A sniper suddenly shoots Upsher and the crew scatter. The Countess calls in a strike obliterating the building the sniper was hiding in.

Meanwhile on Quietus, Marko laughs for the first time in weeks since the death of his father. The crew played games together and forgot about their wartime issues. Heist reminds them they need to leave soon as he's frequently inspected. They are shocked that he would push them out as they thought his manifesto was about enjoying life and time with others.

On the crashed planet. an insurance agent helps repair The Will's vehicle. The Will informs Gwen he plans on finishing his mission and taking out Marko per his contract. Meanwhile, Sophie has visions of seeing her mom who tells her to be brave about what to do next. The Will receives a call from the insurance people and they inform him the planet has some heroin affects that cause people to hallucinate and to be careful what they eat. Suddenly, The Will is stabbed in the throat with a knife by Sophie. She then receives commands from a vision of The Stalk to stand on his neck until he stops breathing.

Solicit Synopsis

Everything starts coming together.


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