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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

On Sextillion, Prince Robot IV surrounds himself with prostitutes and orders more. Mama Sun allows it. One of her workers begs her not to as she should see that the robot was damaged and should be sent home since the news recently reported his newborn son had been born.

On the wooden ship, Hazel wakes up Marko by screaming. Izabel bursts in and apologizes for letting her escape from the crib. She tells Marko she's just hungry. They notice Alana is already gone. He picks up the card Ginny gave him and looks at it.[1]

Alana heads to the locker room after a successful taping of the Open Circuit. Yuma approaches her and offers her drugs, which she accepts.

At Ginny's dance studio, Hazel loses herself in dance and chases holograms of stars to burn off her extra energy. Ginny tells Marko they learn by example and tells him to dance with her. She asks his name, and he tells her his name is Barr.

At the Robot Kingdom, Dengo walks in as the Princess Robot coddles the Prince's Son. He pulls out a sword shifting the mood of the conversation. He tells her his son died of diarrhea because the poor don't have good health care of opportunities the way the rich do. He stabs her through the face and takes the boy. He tells the boy he will help the kingdom, but needs an audience as he look at a Television set with the Open Circuit playing.


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