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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

On Quietus, The Brand shows Ghus a picture of The Will and asks if he's seen him. He tells him he hasn't but wonders if the winged and horned couple he sold Friendo to would know. The Brand shows him a picture of The Will's Ship and Ghus says for sure that was here. He came with a lady with horns and the Brand is confused.

Elsewhere, Sophie, Lying Cat and Gwendolyn steal a healing formula from a research facility. As they leave, they encounter The Brand and Sweet Boy waiting for them outside. At first the begin to fight but The Brand realizes through the girl being calls Sophie and Gwendolyn having his weapons, they are aligned and trying to help The Will. Gwen claims he's the only one that can help complete the job she needs done. The Brand agrees to help. Gwen reads the ingredients and tells them they need Dragon Semon from Demimonde.

In a vision, The Will recalls sleeping with The Stalk and in throes of passion she announced she wanted to have kids. He stops and was shocked that she would. She tells him he's killed the mood and leaves telling him it was just something she said.

In the hospital at Landfall, two nurses clean up The Will's room and take care of him.

On Quietus, Yuma arrives and tells Ghus something terrible has happened. She asks if he still has a Psychic Link with his animals. He responds he doesn't know how far it goes. Marko and Prince Robot IV appear and butt in that they need his help to track Friendo across the galaxy.


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