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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Quain reiterates his demands. He wants several hundred Revolution soldiers released from prison in exchange for Hazel. At first Vez considers the deal but instantly becomes hesitant when she sees Dengo in their presence. She says all deals are off as long as a Robot Kingdom member is in their presence. Quain agrees to get rid of Dengo but has his head blown off instead. He tells Alana to grab the others and go.

On Demimonde, The Brand finds the male dragon pleasuring himself in a cave. She tells the others she will go to retrieve the semen. When they aren't paying attention, Sophie sneaked down to the dragon's liar to extract the semen. The male dragon wakes up and eyes Sophie. The Brand rushes down to her aid and is bitten in half. Gwen uses an electricity spell but shocks herself as the dragon runs off and Sophie stands over The Brand's dead body and Gwen knocked out from the electricity.

On Stalk's Skullship, with their fuel line repaired, Marko continues his embrace of war and tells them to prepare to attack the ship. Prince Robot IV tells them to belay that command and teleports them out of the airspace expelling himself from the Robot Kingdom for disobeying orders of the King Robot. Ghus enters the room and informs them that Yuma sacrificed herself to save them. A sudden explosion hits King Robot IV in the chest.


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