Appearing in "Communion"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Lucy's father
  • Lucy's mother
  • Stephen (First Appearance)


Other Characters:

  • Gabriel




Plot Synopsis for "Communion"

Blaise and Sebastian go to Lucy's house. When Lucy's mother asks the boys what they were doing with their daughter, they tell them she's a reincarnation of Saint Lucy. They tell Lucy's parents that they were called to be a martyr for heaven. Her parents asked her if it was true and she admitted. Her parents then embraced her, telling them there couldn't be a better blessing. They asked if they need anything and Sebastian tells them they need a car as Blaise crashed theirs. While Lucy went to pray with her parents, Blaise told Sebastian to steal their Jesus painting.

On the drive to Arizona, Lucy told Blaise the painting had a terrible judge in character if the painting truly did speak to him. When Lucy said she believed she was the only sane person in the car, Blaise reminded her she has candles in her hair. When Blaise began teasing Lucy, Lucy tossed her burger toward Blaise.

While Lucy was sleeping, Sebastian told Blaise he was hard on Lucy. Blaise told Sebastian he was tired of her making sense and the two came to an agreement that they had no idea what they were doing. Sebastian then noted that they are saints and that all saints are known to die terrible deaths.

Saints Vol 1 2 001

While the two fell asleep, the painting of Jesus began speaking, waking Blaise up. Blaise woke Sebastian up and the two fled the car. As Sebastian prepared to fire an arrow to the painting, Blaise told Sebastian that Lucy was still in there. Sebastian told Blaise to get her while he shoots his arrow. Blaise hurls a rock to try and wake her up but to no avail. Blaise went up and opened the car door but the speaking painting overwhelmed him. Lucy held the painting up and as Sebastian told her to put the painting down, the painting began speaking to Sebastian. As Lucy was finally woken up by Blaise, Sebastian noted the painting told them of one more saint. Blaise then noted that he was right that the painting was worth stealing.

The three waited at a diner in San Simon, Arizona. Stephen entered the diner but hesitated. Sebastian then told the Blaise and Lucy that he had an idea. Sebastian yelled out for Saint Stephen and then waved to him. Stephen then ran out of the diner as the three ran after him. Sebastian then told him they just want to talk but Stephen told them the last people who said that tried to hurt him. Stephen then told the three he was hard to hurt as he levitated large rocks,surprising the three.

Solicit Synopsis

SEAN LEWIS and BENJAMIN MACKEY follow up their audacious debut with a wild second issue. After heading to the suburbs to let Saint Lucy's parents know their daughter will be quitting her job to fight demons full-time, Blaise and the crew drive cross-country to find out the meaning of their shared visions. What they find is a terrified teenage runaway with a dark past and an even darker gift.[1]


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