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Plot Synopsis for "Witchcraft, Part 3"

Across New York City, new stations are a buzz with the Witch Killer murders. Newscasters attempt to get statements from Sam Burke and Twitch Williams who brush past them towards more murder scene of beheaded individuals. Sam grabs a camera man's camera and points it at the mutilated and charred body of the newest victim of the witch killer.

Sam Burke 002

Sam arrives on the crime scene.

Sam, Twitch and Monica Straight visit the father of the last victim, the Mayor. He's horrified that his niece was shown on live TV in that manor. He tells them she worked on community development. He tells them this so they view her as a person, not a victim.

At the morgue, K.C. McRory is shocked that this was the Mayor's niece. She tells them she thinks it's one guy. She's found signs of struggle in all of them, and a white man's skin under their nails. She also tells them the salt is the type used to melt snow. Since it is summer it might be worth looking into. Sam wonders if it could be an inside job. Twitch thinks he wants to get caught. His attacks were in public and the bodies are mounted in public for all to see.

Later, the duo meet with Nadja again who brings a warlock informant. He tells them he hangs out in witch chatrooms. They had been harassed by a screenshot Corwin. He threatened the witches and had violent nature.

The police check out the information and track it to a man named A.J. Ritter's apartment. When they arrive, he attempts to take off. They corner him and order him to drop his gun.


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