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Plot Synopsis for "Udaku, Part 2"

Twitch Williams tells the stranger at the bar his story.

He recalls how Sam Burke and he hit up Lieutenant Barnes' secretary. She gives them the runaround and won't tell them where he is, but eventually says he's on vacation for two weeks. Sam and Twitch are confused as to what's going on. Roger Afflek orders then to see doctor death.

They are called into K.C. McRory's office. They are informed that the body parts all came from the same person. What's even stranger, is the pieces are regenerating on their own. She tells them she'll have to call it in to the Feds and they'll loose the case. She gives them until tomorrow as it was past 5pm.

Sam and Twitch look at the files and begin wondering if the body parts are a message. Thumbs cut off for stealing, genitalia cut off for disloyalty. They aren't sure if the ears could potentially imply eavesdropping. They decide to split up. Sam tells Twitch he's going to shake things up and that Twitch should call his wife.

Sam heads to Fitz's, a hangout of Afflek's. When he gets him out to the alley, he roughed him up physically. Also tells Sam he should never have come back to the force. Whatever rotten stuff is going on in the department, doesn't concern him and he should be left out of it as he has a wife and kids. He tells him to check out a specific corner for answers.

Sam picks up Twitch, who has been working away on the computer. He tells them the Sangiacomo family has all been arrested and released by the captain. He also lists of names of people they had allegedly arrested but neither of them recalls doing such. They arrive at the location that Affleck tipped them off to. People come rushing out of the building. They enter and find the hooded man again with lieutenant Barnes' beheaded cranium in hand. Sam takes a shot and the man throws Barnes' head at him deflecting the bullet. Twitch is knocked over in the commotion and steps on his glasses, smashing them to pieces.

Sam chases the man to the rooftop where Sam is disarmed and attacked. Twitch is blinded but heard Sam's yelp. He takes a shot and hits the man square in the head and grades Sam. The man falls off the roof to the street below.

In the present, Twitch tells her the heat is the man's. The woman reveals a recorder and that her man is Barbara. She works for Internal Affairs and tells him to see her in her office for talking about police affairs.


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