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Plot Synopsis for "John Doe Affair, Part 6"

The John Doe Killer Pits on his clothes as a women late named in bed. He reminds her to never cried him again. She agrees in a terrified manner and calls him master. He hears out back with Tom Beeston and chips his head of. He tells him it's nothing personal, he's just working out his anger. He calls someone and tells them on the phone that he is getting restless.

Twitch Williams meets with Sam Burke at a diner. He tells him he isn't surprised the Killer got his cell. He reveals FBI evidence that McGuire have him. Tells Sam that some of it is inconclusive and that anything agent Hunt gets near ends up tainted. They decide to talk to their chief.

At police Headquarters, Monica Straight tells them they need to do things by the book. Her hands are tied with inconclusive data and at an election year, their evidence will be cut down depending on who they accusative if they can't put them away. Sam storms out of the office and insults Monica for not being 'man' enough to help.

As they leave the station, Tracy storms up the steps and berates Sam for shutting her out. She leaves and Sam and Twitch jump in the Crimemobile. Twitch asks if he wants to talk about it. Sam says no, for the same reasons he probably doesn't want to talk about KC.

They head to meet with Jimmy Murphy. They meet him off site and tell them they have a risky proposal. They can't go public with the approach but they need the info fast. They want him to dig up dirt on the FBI agents. Murphy doesn't even hesitate to take on the task.

Later, they confirm that Hunt has been on all cases the Killer has been on. However it doesn't prove anything. They notice a few strange calls to a place in Jersey. Sam gives Unger a call and leaves an ambiguous message about checking seen out of town location.

Unger and Hunt get the call and agree they should head out to check out downtown.


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