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Plot Synopsis for "Udaku, Part 6"

Sam Burke watches a newscast about "Big Mike" Sangiacomo who has recently gone missing. The news discusses the silence from the New York City Police Department on the deaths of Lieutenant Barnes and Office Roger Afflek.

A sudden knocking at the door reveals Dee Afflek has stopped by to see Sam. She breaks down and tells Sam that she knows everything. Who killed Roger, what Udaku means. She hands him a key to a locker in Grand Central Station. She tells him a locker contains a journal of notes and evidence that Afflek was keeping to clear his name.

Twitch Williams sits in his apartment also listening to the news. K.C. McRory stopped by Twitch's apartment. She thanks him for talking to the feds as she's gotten her job back. She tells him even though she was drunk, she remembers he injured his arm.[1] She asked him to let her look at it and patch him up. She thanks him again as they look at each other in a moment.

A sudden knocking at the door interrupts them. Sam tells them they need to roll. In the vehicle, Sam teases Twitch about hooking up with McRory.

Dee returns to her home and several trenchcoat men waiting for her. She pleas that she be spared. She told she's lost her husband and self-respect, what more could she live for. A blood splatter hits the window.

Sam and Twitch head through the Grand Central Station. When they arrive to the locker, they are held up by several New York City Police Department members. It becomes a three way standoff when Li'l Pits Sangiacomo arrives. A tray bullet is fired and Sam and Twitch pull officer Keller aside and demand to know who he's working for. In completed fear he squeaks out the word, "Udaku."

McRory works in her last and suddenly believes she's figured it out.


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