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Real Name
Samantha Eve Wilkins
Current Alias
Eve, Samantha, Mrs. Wilkins
Teen Team (formerly), Invincible Inc. (formerly), Viltrum Empire
Elias Brandyworth (creator)
Unnamed parents (deceased)
Five unnamed half-siblings (deceased)
Adam Wilkins (adoptive father)
Betsy Wilkins (adoptive mother)
Mark Grayson (husband)
Terra Grayson (daughter)
Markus Murphy (step-son)

Unusual Features
Formerly a prosthetic right leg
Marital Status
Place of Birth
First appearance

Quote1.png Have I ever had a problem speaking up? Quote2.png
-- Samantha Eve Wilkins



Eve discovers her powers.

Samantha Eve Wilkins was born to Erias Brandyworth and an unnamed mother. During her birth, her powers would emit out of control, often emitting pink energy through her mother’s eyes. Her mother did not survive the birth process, but Samantha did. In order to use her as a weapon, Steven Erickson went to the hospital of her birth to retrieve her. Brandyworth faked Samantha’s death by using the miscarried fetus of Betsy Wilkins and Adam Wilkins, not allowing Erickson to fulfill his mission. Betsy and Adam Wilkins would become her new adoptive parents.

Invincible Presents: Atom Eve

Eve makes her crimefighting debut as Atom Eve

Through her childhood, she would see her father, Brandyworth, watching her from a distance. Her first word was CH2OH, which is the chemical group of hydroxymethyl. During her toddler years, she would demonstrate core excellency in the field of science by helping a babysitter with his homework. She would also be admitted into a school for young scholars, but later kicked out because she wasn’t fulfilling their standards. After a brief argument with her father, her mom would deliver her a meal of chicken, much to her disgust. It is then she discovers her powers of transmutation by turning her meal into a cheeseburger. She would practice her powers on various objects such a baseball bat, clothes, etc. She would make her crime-fighting debut when attacking animal thief and meet with her father for the first time. Brandyworth reveals to her that she has her transmutation powers because of him and she was going to be a weapon for the US government. He also reveals that him falling in love with her real mother caused him to not allow Samantha to be a weapon. He warns Samantha not to use her powers in public out of fear that she may attract the government’s attention. She flies off, not paying attention to what he told her. Years later, she would engage in a battle with a villain named Killcannon. She would don a mask and call herself Atom Eve. Brandyworth would appear again to warn Samantha again, but she rebuffs him by saying that she is wearing a mask.

Brandyworth would wish Samantha happy birthday before she would go to a crime scene.[1] She arrives to see four children holding people hostage. One of them attempts to touch Eve, only for his hand to be removed. They continue the battle with the four having the advantage. Eve manages to get away briefly until Phase 2 catches her. The four continue their attack until she gets away, and they reveal that they have Brandyworth hostage. The battle continues and Eve reveals that her powers don’t work on living matter. Brandyworth reveals to her that she would omnipotent if she could use it on living matter and thus mental blocks were installed. The four of them are disintegrated and Eve is taken into custody with Brandyworth by Erickson. Eve asks that he let Brandyworth go, but Erickson reveals that he will kill Brandyworth. Brandyworth struggles with him and Erickson delivers the killing shot. Erickson also reveals that Eve’s mother is reserved and very much alive. Erickson kills her and Eve becomes enraged. Through the emotional stress, she overrides her mental blocks and uses her power to erase the memories of Rodgers and Erickson. She leaves, crying on her way home. She arrives home to see her parents upset. After an argument with the duo, Eve rushes to her room and uses her power to change the picture of her family, revealing she misses them [2]

Invincible Presents: Atom Eve and Rex Splode

Eve meets Rex for the first time

For high school, Eve attended Reginald Vel Johnson High School. Battling Killcannon again, she would encounter Rex Sloan. Killcannon gets back up and the duo stops him. Rex introduces himself and asks Eve for advice on his mission. Eve asks Rex to stay the night and they go to bed. She would wake up the next morning with Rex heading to the Pentagon. Rex would arrive back to Eve’s room and reveal that he killed Radcliffe and destroyed the house he lived in. Eve comforts him, but panics because the government will likely salvage what’s left. They arrive on the scene notice that Steven Erickson is salvaging the scene. They head into the area and commence battle with the government officials. Eve draws their fire and Rex attempts to destroy the building. He does so by touching the pipe to the building. Erickson attempts to recruit Rex but Rex refuses, stating he only needs Eve. They kiss and escape to Art Rosenbaum’s shop. After a comment Rex makes, Eve storms out and mentions that Erickson killed her real father. They make up and head to Eve’s house. She makes Rex food. Afterwards, Rex leaves and Eve finds out that he is going to kill his parents. She arrives to him, noticing he decided against it and they walk away. Next, they would stop a Lizard League operation.

Meeting Mark

Later, Eve and Rex join the Teen Team, a group of teenage superheroes led by Robot. While fighting the super-villains known as the Mauler Twins, Eve and the other members of the Teen Team met another teenage superhero named Invincible (Mark Grayson). The next day, she finds out that Mark also attends her school.[3]

Afterwards, Eve would go on a job with Rex and investigate later students at her school being turn into human bombs. After a while, Robot reveals that it is her physics teacher, David Hiles. David attempts to kill Mark and Eve by turning himself into a bomb, but Mark flies him to Antarctica to stop him. Eve would hear about Robot trying out for the Guardians of the Globe. That night, he notices that Rex has cheated on her with Dupli-Kate. She flies to Mark’s house and tells Mark about it. From there, she quits the Teen Team. Mark comforts her until they are interrupted by Mark’s mother.

Independent Superhero

Eve, Mark, and The Guardians of the Globe stopping a Flaxan invasion.

Eve would team up with Invincible and also do solo missions. Eve would fly in to see Rex with Dupli-Kate, knowing their history. Mark and Eve would go to stop a Lizard League operation. Robot arrives to ask if Eve wants to join the Guardians of the Globe. She flies off upset. Around the time of night, Eve came to see Mark, but sees him with Amber Bennett. Eve flies away, disappointed. Sometime later, Eve would see Mark’s battle with his father. Eve would go to Mark and see William doing the same thing. She finds out that Williams knows about Mark’s identity as well. Eve goes to Robot to see if he can get an idea on Mark’s location. Robot accepts and she flies off. Eve learns that Mark will be in action soon and the Guardians and her attempt to stop an invasion by extradimensional aliens. The Flaxans retreat after their advanced aging is discovered. Robot thanks Eve and Mark and they would leave. The next day, William reveals that Eve and him are dating to Mark. Eve assist the Guardians in another mission in stopping another invasion. The aliens retreat and they head home. The invasion causes graduation to be pushed backward. William would ask Eve if she can fly and she would take him flying, much to her annoyance. Next, Mark would assist Eve in clearing debris from the invasion. Eve and William would have a double date with Mark and Amber, worried that Mark is a drug dealer. The duo laugh until Mark arrives. Mark arrives late to graduation and Winslow announces the graduates and his retirement. Annoyed by William, she decides to break up with him.

Mark and Eve kiss, symbolizing an intimate relationship in the future.

She arrives to Mark’s room, much to his confusion. She decides to quit being a superhero. Mark asks why and she reveals that her powers can be used better than fighting crime. She decides to go to Africa to hugs Mark. Eve wants to tell Mark that she likes him, but hesitates and leaves. Eve would head to Africa and help the local villagers with her powers as such turning the barren land into fertile land. Eve’s retirement would be short lived. Eve would help the Guardians and other superhero factions as when a being named Omnipotus invaded, renouncing her retirement. They attempt to stop him until Black Samson arrives, getting his powers back after his coma. Eve would later give Mark her location in Africa, hoping to see him. She notices that Amber came along. Mark would tell her his story of meeting his father, battling the Viltrumites and his brother, much to her surprise. Mark and Eve stop a stampede of animals and stopped for a meal with Amber. Mark leaves early after receiving a threatening phone call from a stranger. Eve takes Amber home and notices that Mark’s house is destroyed from his battle with Levy. They see Mark, relieved that he is still alive. Mark would go see Eve and they embrace. They kiss, much to both their surprise. Mark and Eve are called on a job to stop a parasitic race named the Sequids. Cecil Stedman sends Black Samson, Robot, Monster Girl, The Immortal, Invincible, and Eve to intercept the Sequids. The Sequids living through a human host, Rus Livingston and they fire at the US space shuttle. Eve forms a bubble for those who can’t breathe in space. She seals a hole in the Martian spaceship and the Martians decide to aid them. Robot emits a pulse to get the Sequid away from them, but they overwhelm them. Eve puts up a force field while Robot tries to admit another pulse, but is overwhelmed by the Sequid closing in. Afterwards, the Guardians would succeed and escape from the Martians attempting to execute Shapesmith for betraying them. She would go to see Rex Splode after his near-death experience by the Lizard League. Rex reveals to that Mark and Amber are no longer together. He heads to Mark’s dorm and asks Mark where they stand on their relationship. Eve reveals he liked him while she was with Rex and that her time in Africa has made her miss him more. Mark tells Eve that he knew already because an alternate, older version of Eve told him how she felt about him. Eve asks how Mark feels about her before her alternate version revealed her feelings for him, with Mark being unsure. She leaves to Africa before Mark could explain further. Mark goes to see Eve until Cecil asks for their help in stopping Doctor Seismic. Eve is knocked unconscious for a short time until she is imprisoned by Sesmic. They are saved by the Reanimen and Darkwing II. After the battle, Mark tells Eve that he knows Cecil covered up Darkwing’s incident in Midnight City and decided to get some answers. Afterwards, Mark reveals to Eve that after Cecil found his weakness, he was thinking about Eve. Eve grabs his hand and they kiss, symbolizing the start of their intimate relationship.

Young Love

Mark and Eve go on several dates, realizing that they love each other.

Eve would ask her mom to let her move back in, with her mom agreeing. Eve would help the former Guardian members after they left the team. Eve and Mark would go on a date in Paris until Mark is asked to go to the future. After Mark returns, Eve and him would go on several dates in various locations such as Egypt, France, Italy, Antarctica, and space. They head to Mark’s room and have sex for the first time. Afterwards, Mark and Eve would sleep until morning until Oliver interrupts. Mark gets a call and heads to see what it’s about. Eve leaves and heads back to her house. Mark comes to Eve’s room and reveals that Amber had called him and Gary had abused her physically. Eve would visit a prison and establish a private security firm named Invincible Inc. for Mark, marking their new business. Eve would send Mark on a job of stopping a Pentagon scientist named Powerplex who seeks vengeance on him. Mark would be successful and Powerplex imprisoned.

Invincible War

Mark and Eve would receive their first call for Invincible Inc. Mark responds to the call to find out that alternate versions of himself are leveling cities around the world. Eve would attempt to stop one of them, and succeeds. She regroups with Mark to help the Cyberforce take down another version of him. They kill the alternate Mark, but not without Eve being injured. Mark takes Eve to the hospital so she can recover from her injuries.

Invincible War: The Aftermath

Eve recovers from her near death experience and emits a power blast of energy, tearing most of Conquest's skin tissue.

While Eve is resting, she would be visited by her parents and Mark. Two days later, Eve would recover from her coma to see that Mark is battling what the news believes to Nolan. However, it is revealed that Conquest is battling Mark. She releases her medication tubes, worried that Mark may be killed during the battle. Eve accidentally reveals to her parents that Mark is Invincible. He asks Cecil to send her to Mark’s location and she arrives. Mark asks that Eve doesn’t interfere, only for Conquest to break Mark’s leg. Eve holds Conquest into a restraining bubble, only for him to thunderclap out of it. Conquest pummels Eve and impales her, nearly killing her in the process. Mark catches Eve and lays her to the ground. While Mark and Conquest continue their battle, Eve’s near-death experience overrides her mental blocks and she recovers from her wounds, losing her clothes in the process. She emits a powerful blast. Mark moves out of the way in time, but Conquest loses much of his skin and muscle tissue. Eve passes out and Conquest attempts to kill her. She wakes up to see that Mark has killed Conquest and Mark is still alive. She is retrieved by the Guardians and Mark is taken to a hospital to heal from his injuries. Mark notices that Eve’s breasts have become larger and leads to an intimate moment. Mark’s mom would interrupt and become worried, going so far as to have Mark stop being a superhero. Eve and Mark would go to attend Rex’s funeral due to his death in the Invincible War. After Robot gave his speech, Eve would give hers, declaring that he loved him. She ended the speech early due to her emotional stress. Eve confessed to Mark that he started liking Mark while she was with Rex and that she never gave Rex a chance. Mark smiles and they head to Eve’s house to have sex again.

Invincible Inc.

Eve begins to cry after she discovers she's pregnant with Mark's child.

While Mark was fighting and rebuilding the leveled cities, Eve and her mother were preparing dinner for Mark to make a proper introduction to her parents. It goes badly when she asks Mark what his father does, not realizing what his father did to the planet. Afterwards, Eve would negotiate with the Stronghold Prison warden to get three months of free services, considering what happening in the Invincible War events. He reluctantly agrees and they fly home. Eve notices that her powers are acting up and they see Oliver on the way, older than before. Mark and Eve head to her room and Eve goes to the bathroom. Mark knocks and Eve demands that Mark go away. Eve begins crying learns that her powers are acting strange because she is pregnant with Mark’s child. Mark asks Eve if she’s okay, noticing that she is acting different. Next, Eve and Mark would get a call to stop a nuclear power plant attack. They arrive to see an alien attacking. While Universa is fighting Mark, Eve manages to land a blow on her, but her powers fail her. Mark uses the opportunity to grab her staff and gets shock by it. Eve punches Universa, with Mark realizing that her powers are in the staff. Cecil would ask Mark for helping in stopping the Sequids. Mark would reveal that he killed Rus Livingston to Eve. Eve comforts him until Cecil arrives to speak with Mark. Eve would go to William’s dorm to tell him about her pregnancy. Eve would tell William that she does want children, but isn’t ready for a child at such a young age. Next, she would arrive to see Mark at his house roof. They are interrupted by Nolan and Allen the Alien asking for Mark’s help in the Viltrumite War. Mark and Eve go to dinner to discuss Mark seeing his father again. The next day, the duo would discuss the various Viltrumites Mark has fought. The next day, Eve would have Mark settle a shopping mall invasion, but she decides to send Oliver instead. Eve would sleep with Mark again before he goes away. She asks to embrace him one last time before he left. While Mark is gone, Eve would have Bulletproof assist in the Invincible Inc. business.

Viltrumite War

Mark arrives to Eve’s house. Eve embraces Mark after 10 months of fighting in the Viltrumite War. Eve reveals that her powers are back in place and feared that Mark had died. Eve would go to see William and tell him that Mark is back. She is also afraid to tell Mark about her pregnancy.

Post Viltrumite War

Mark apologizes to Eve after she revealed she had an abortion while he was away.

While Mark is performing jobs for Invincible Inc., Eve is speaking with Debbie, much to Mark’s confusion. Afterwards, Eve would have dinner with Kate Cha, The Immortal, and their two children. The four would trade stories back and forth until Kate would have Eve assist in bathing Kate’s children. She begins to cry upon seeing Abraham and heads outside. Mark goes to attend to her and asks her what’s wrong. She attempts to hide her tears. With enough persistence, Eve reveals that she had an abortion. Mark apologizes for leaving her and embraces her. Eve moves into The Grayson household and takes residence in Mark’s old parent’s bedroom. When Mark and Eve arrive home, they find out that Debbie and Nolan are together again and heading to Talescria. Mark would tell Eve about Las Vega’s destruction by Dinosaurus. Eve comforts Mark, hoping to help him cope with it. Later, Mark and Eve would go to a welcoming party for Monster Girl and Robot. Afterwards, Mark would talk with Eve and asks if she still loves him. Mark goes on to say that he will make a decision that will seem bad at first, but will be better in the long run. Cecil arrives to Mark’s house and reveals that Mark had released Dinosaurus. Eve is upset at him, citing that she could’ve helped him if he knew his plan. After Mark was infected with the Scourge Virus, Eve and the other Guardians head to see Mark’s condition. Eve goes to see Mark in quarantine and cries, fearing that he may not make it. Bulletproof comforts her until Thragg asks them to leave. While Mark is healing, Bulletproof would again assist Invincible Inc. Eve mentions that Bulletproof helping is great, but the clients “paid for Invincible”. Bulletproof takes Mark’s costume and does a job for Eve. Bulletproof attempts to comfort Eve and sleep with her, but Eve refuses. Eve would ask Cecil to take her to see Mark and she’ll fly the rest of the way. She goes to see Thragg and readies herself for fight him. Thragg laughs at her, and directs her to Dinosaurus. Eve would enlist the help of Allen, Oliver, and Bulletproof. While attempting to stop Allen from hurting Dinosaurus, Mark breaks his radius and his humerus bone. Eve and the other rush him to the Pentagon and he is given surgery. Eve comforts Mark as he feels helpless now that he will may never be Invincible again. They say goodbye to Allen and Oliver after Oliver apologized for infecting Mark. After Oliver and Allen leave, Eve and Mark have sex. While the Flaxans invade London, Eve asks Cecil to transport her to there. However, the invasion is halted by Monster Girl defeating their leader. Eve would take Mark to a comic book signing and later that night, they would have sex, only for Mark to get his powers back.

The Death Of Everyone

Eve's reaction of Mark's "death"

Eve is one of the many people to witness Mark’s death on television, crying after seeing it. She would cause a wreckage until Nolan and Debbie. She tells them the bad news until Mark arrives, revealing it to be a clone rather than him. Mark calls Eve to take in private and he tells Eve that he’s working for Cecil again. He also realizes that he must smarter about his decisions and Eve reveals that she is pregnant.


Before she can escape from Robot, Robot dismembers a pregnant Eve's leg.

Mark states he will support her in which every decision she makes. Eve refuses to abort her child again and decides to keep the baby. Eve asks that Mark keep her pregnancy a secret. They head downstairs to see Nolan and Debbie kissing, much to their disgust. Mark and Eve arrive to help the clean-up process of the leveled cities. Robot, shocked at seeing him again, attempts to attack him and they stop by Cecil commanding them to. Afterwards, Mark has Cecil recommend a independent contractor named Sherry to check on Eve’s fetus. Eve is hesitant at first, but allows her to do so. Sherry recommends that Eve stop using her powers immediately because of their nature. Mark tells Eve of Nolan’s inauguration as Emperor. Mark is about to propose to Eve, but Eve beats him to it and creates a ring. They become engaged and have sex afterwards. Eve begins to notice that her using her powers hurt her child. They call Sherry and she tells them that the fetus is fine. However, Sherry knows now that her powers will kill her child and tell Eve that she must cease all attempts of using her powers. Eve goes William and Rick’s to tell them of her engagement. Afterwards, she arrives home to see Angstrom Levy in their house. Angstrom attempts to suffocate her until Mark arrives. He sends Mark into another dimension and talks with Eve, wondering why she hasn’t used her powers. Angstrom uses his extra-dimensional knowledge and finds out that Eve is pregnant. Eve argues with Angstrom, stating that she will no longer focus on revenge and when Mark arrives, she will continue her life as normal. She also says that Angstrom can use his powers for something better than revenge. Mark arrives again with his evil counterpart. Angstrom brings Mark back and has a change of heart after Eve’s story, deciding to surrender. Mark has Robot trace the signal of Angstrom’s location, hoping to find him. Eve would help build a crib for her child and has Mark assist her.

They get into dispute on the Angstrom incident. They go to see Nolan and Debbie to have dinner with them. She accidentally reveals she’s pregnant after Nolan was about to reveal it to Debbie. Eve becomes upset and makes it clear during dinner. After, Eve and Mark get into another dispute about Angstrom and she asks that he tell Robot to stop working on the dimensional portal. After Robot tells Mark he can find a way to Levy’s location, Eve and Mark argue again. Eve goes on to say that he shouldn’t abandon the baby. Mark argues that he must eliminate him so that he may never be a threat to them again. Eve slaps Mark, though it having no effect, and storms off. Six month later, Mark arrives to his house to see Eve knitting. Eve reveals that Robot told her that he was killed and that caused her to stop eating, nearly killing her fetus. Mark goes on to say that Eve was right about Angstrom, but Eve interrupts. She goes on to say that raising her child with Mark is the best option. Mark attempts to get Eve to leave for her safety, but she doesn’t listen. Eve states that she doesn’t want to see Mark again and breaks up with him, much to his sorrow. Mark leaves, asking that she go somewhere safe. While Mark was away, Robot had sent a drone to Eve’s house. Mark reveals that Robot had killed Cecil Stedman and asks Eve to leave. In the midst the battle, Robot admits a powerful sonic pulse and Eve attempts to escape, only to have her right leg dismembered. They escape in time to head to the Viltrumite warship, despite her using her powers could put the baby in danger. Eve would give birth to a daughter and be given a prosthetic leg.


Mark and Eve decide on the name Terra for their daughter, calling her their own "little piece of Earth".

Mark arrives to bring her daughter to the surgery room. Mark attempts to apologize and Eve attempts to comfort him by grabbing him. Mark pulls back, much to Eve’s confusion. Mark leaves to see his father. Mark arrives again to see how Eve is doing. Eve sends him away to attack Robot. Mark arrives to Eve to let her know that Robot has beat him. Upon recovery, Mark and Eve would see William and Rick to hear the great news about Robot’s accomplishments. Eve and Mark fly to Eve’s parents house to have dinner. The next day, Mark and Eve would attend the funerals of Black Samson, Kid Thor, Knockout, and Cecil Stedman, people killed by Robot. Later that day, Mark and Eve would discuss on a name for the baby. Mark daydreams and Eve gets his attention. Mark goes on to say that since he’s a father now, he has to be more responsible and knows that he won’t let Rex rule the planet. Mark suggest that they leave to Talescria instead. Before they, Mark and Eve would visit go a few close friends. First, Eve would go visit Kate, mistaking Eve’s visit as them aiding to take down Robot. They leave after an argument with the Immortal and Kate. Second, they see a movie with Rick and William. Third, Eve would tell her parents about it with Betsy wishing they stay and Adam wishing them luck. On their way to Talescria, the duo decide on the name Terra for their daughter.

They arrive to Talescria with Eve amazed at the sights. They are greeted by Allen, but his guards attempt to attack after Terra punched Allen’s eye. Allen intervenes and they are greeted by Oliver, donning a new appearance. Oliver ask for him and his girlfriend cook for the duo. Mark says yes. Moments later, Mark and Eve go to their new apartment and sleep, tired from the moving process. Eve puts Terra in her crib and attempts to have sex with Mark. Mark gets scared and flies away, much to Eve’s frustration. Oliver arrives with his girlfriend, Haluma, a lobster-like alien. They have dinner, with Eve not wanting to try the alien food. The next morning, Eve breastfeeds Terra while Mark is on the toilet. Mark attempts to flush, only for Eve to find out that it works differently than a normal one. Later, Eve would attempt to have an intimate moment with Mark. They kiss, but Mark stops midway, crying. Eve wonders what’s wrong with him and with enough persistence, Mark reveals that Anissa had raped him after Eve had broke up with him. Eve attempts to comfort him, but he pushes her away. Mark goes on to say that he was holding back and wonders if he allowed it to happen. Eve begins to cry and she checks on Terra. She calls Mark to see that Terra has stopped breathing. Mark rushes the duo out and asks around for a hospital. They find out one and asks the doctor to treat her. Mark manages to persuade the doctor to admit Terra in early, though initially refusing because she was a Human/Viltrumite hybrid. Eve goes into the emergency room with the doctor and with some tests, Terra is fine. The doctor sends Eve to get Mark and the duo learn that the food they eaten the night before isn't proper for Terra. While Mark is off with Allen, Eve is recommended Geledarian food, based on the human food similarity. She cooks it and breast feeds Terra, eating it with Mark. After washing dishes, Eve apologizes about Anissa's sexual assault on Mark and asks that he doesn't blame himself for it. Eve attempts to kiss him, but he backs away. They receive a knock at the door with Allen answering. He asks that Mark finish off Thragg because he feels Battle Beast may not succeed.

Thragg and Reboot

Eve spent the next few weeks with Mark and Terra on Talescria. She had a hard time adjusting to the lifestyle but made do with her family being there.[4] As the Coalition moved closer and closer to finding Thragg, Eve spent more time with Mark and Terra thinking about her life. When Mark went off to fight Thragg after Space Racer had been captured,[5] they said their final goodbyes to each other. Mark soon left and stumbled upon a cave that transported his mind, with memories intact, to his body before he originally received his powers.[6]


Atom was soon approached by Mark at school. He asked her about the Teen Team. She hadn't met him before and was shocked he knew about her secret identity and super-powered team. She dragged him to meet with the others. They were all in disbelief that he knew so much about them yet they had never met him before. Over the next week, he told them how to defeat all their future battles with David Hiles, the invading Flaxans, and Maulers.[7] She continued to aid Invincible in saving lives, but was constantly pushed away as Mark knew she was still with Rex in the current timeline.[8]

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Subatomic Manipulation: Atom Eve is able to sense and manipulate matter and energy at the sub-atomic level by sheer willpower. Organic and inorganic matter can be changed into anything she desires. Due to her vast matter manipulating powers, she can affectively alter reality at her whim, enabling her to change her environment to suit her needs, create and destroy objects, and various other incredible feats. Her costume is easily created by altering her clothes to fashion her Atom Eve suit.[9]
  • Flight: She can also fly by lowering the density of the air around her as well as creating force fields.
  • Force Field: With her transmutation powers, Eve can create force fields.
  • Telekinesis: By using her matter manipulating powers, She is able to levitate, propel and manipulate objects and matter with the energy of her thoughts.[10]
  • Energy Blasts: She has learned to channel her transmutation powers into powerful energy blasts capable of affecting matter with concussive and/or explosive force.[11]
  • Energy Construct Creation: With her transmutation powers, Eve can make several weapons.
  • Elemental Control: By using her ability to manipulate matter on a sub-atomic level, She is able to summon and control the elemental forces of nature.[12]
  • Immortality: Eve's powers cause her to regenerate from fatal injuries due to the trauma helping her temporarily overcome the mental blocks that prevent her form affecting organic matter.[13] Also, whenever Eve dies of old age, she immediately resurrects and de-ages to her prime.[14]


  • Rapid Caloric Depletion: A downside to Atom Eve's transmutation powers is that she absorbs any unused atoms into her body, which must later be eliminated from her system as waste, She claims that on days when she uses her powers a lot she can "go to the bathroom" six or seven times.[15] When she was pregnant, she used her powers to make a ring and she accelerated her digestion. Using it too much could have killed her child, Terra.[16]
  • Mental Blocks: In order to keep her from using the full extent of her powers, the government had installed mental blocks. The mental blocks can be overridden through extreme emotional trauma when Conquest[17] or Ursaal[18] had seemingly killed her. This also happened when Steven Erickson had killed her father and mother. She would use her powers to erase his memories. After they are overridden, she can use her powers on organic matter.

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The name Atom Eve sounds similar to the two biblical characters Adam & Eve in the Christian Religion.


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