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Kevin O'Neill
Pat Mills
Kevin O'Neill
Kevin O'Neill
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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Gangreen
    • Morgue
    • Suicida

Other Characters:

  • Breathless (Death)
  • Commissioner McGland
  • Growing Boy
  • Horridus
  • Justice (Death)
  • Mako
  • Cesspool
  • The Public Spirit (Mentioned only)
  • Public Spirit Junior
  • Raging Woody
  • Ragnarok
  • Sorry the Nearly Man
  • Star IV (Ken Burrows)
  • SuperPatriot (Mentioned only)


  • Chicago (Mentioned only)
  • San Futuro



Synopsis for the 1st Story

Twenty-five years into the future, in the city of San Futuro, Savage Dragon looked down on the corpse of Mako, who had a "10" carved on his chest. Members of Gangreen, including Suicida and Morgue attacked Savage Dragon in response. Public Spirit Junior and Marshal Law joined the fight and chased Gangreen away. Marshal Law deduced that the Commandment Killer had killed Mako. Savage Dragon and Marshal Law traveled to the Police H.Q., where Commissioner McGland told them about a man named Ken Burrows, who stole the identity of "Star." The Commandment Killer's next victim was Breathless, who was married to Ragnarok, but had affairs with Public Spirit Junior and Growing Boy. Next, Savage Dragon and Marshal Law went to the Mission Hospital, where they found Ann Stevens, who had retired from being Mighty Man. They questioned her about Mako's murder, but learned that she was not the killer. Later, they watched a news report of the murder of SuperPatriot's son Justice. Marshal Law learned that he was the next target and, along with Savage Dragon, was attacked by the Commandment Killer.


This issue also includes the Cut the Cape! article by Pat Mills & Kevin O’Neill, and a Marshal Law character profile by Pat Mills.

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