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Appearing in "Born Again Patriot"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Debbie Harris (First Appearance)
  • Nurse Ann Stevens (First Appearance)
  • Rose Fua (First Appearance)


  • Arachnid (First Appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Born Again Patriot"

Dragon brings in a bloated supervillain by the name of Arachnid that has been preying on children and the homeless for years. Following this, Dragon is called in to deal with Mako, Basher and Hellrazor, three Vicious Circle members dispatched by OverLord to dispose of him. Dragon suffers horrific injuries before being saved by the arrival of a cybernetically enhanced SuperPatriot. America’s Fighting Force guns down the criminals that had crippled him. ‘Patriot kills Basher and is only stopped from ending all their lives by the interference of Dragon. The fin-headed cop himself looks likely to be his next victim and only Alex Wilde's timely intervention momentarily distracts SuperPatriot and allows the massively bleeding Dragon to save himself.


  • First appearance of The Vicious Circle, Ann Stevens, Arachnid, Debbie Harris, HellRazor, Mako and SuperPatriot
  • Death of Basher
  • Fabian Nicieza is credited with "Special thanks for helping design the new improved SuperPatriot".

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