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Appearing in "Rock this Town"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Amanda Mills
  • Debbie Harris
  • Emily Schwartzblatt (First Appearance)
  • Rodney Schwartzblatt (in picture only)
  • Nurse Ann Stevens
  • Cindy Martinez (First Appearance)


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Rock this Town"

Dragon awakens from a nine day coma in time to knock out the superpowered criminal Inferno, who had been sent to kill him while he was immobile. He learns that his body had shut down following the massive injuries he had suffered and amazingly an advanced healing factor took care of his cuts in minimum time. His fellow police officers then state that SkullFace had recently been released from custody, as there was no evidence to connect him to the explosion that had killed Fred Darling, but his partner Hardware had been kept ahold of as he had actually threatened the superhuman policeman. And the two surviving villains gunned down by SuperPatriot were currently in critical condition in custody.

The armored OverLord is furious that his plans to eliminate all three of his eager followers, as well as Dragon, by striking a business partnership with the organization CyberData and having their latest weapon sent out to destroy all four of them. With the failure of this scheme, he severs his partnership in a phone conversation with Kimata.

As he prepares to leave hospital, Dragon is approached by the woman he had rescued from armed men, Amanda Mills, who tries to seduce him in order to 'properly thank him' for saving her life. He rejects the offer before talking with the nurse Ann Stevens, who had previously named him and recently helped save his life. She declares that she had been incredibly worried about him when he was rushed into the hospital just over a week ago and reveals that she had been with Mighty Man when he died there and had feared history repeating itself, but this time the new policeman being the victim.

After leaving to return to duty, Badrock bursts onto the scene and sparks a violent confrontation between Dragon and himself that causes hundreds of thousands worth of property damage. The two powerhouses' battle makes the news as he is watched by an unimpressed Spawn, as well as an elderly woman who believes the policeman to be her long-missing son. Eventually the fight ends with the government agent stating that he had simply wished to test him in order to see if he was worthy of Youngblood membership. The young hero is arrested until his teammates bail him out.

Dragon returns to his apartment where he finds the lovesick Debbie Harris, who had been locked out of their home by her mother. She is allowed to stay the night in his place…

While lying in bed with his wife, Frank Darling receives a phone call from the villain SkullFace, who reveals that he has discovered the tip to target the man's cousin's business came from him in an obvious attempt to lure Dragon into joining the police force, which was successful by all accounts. The criminal freak then blackmails his victim into keeping his recruit out of the affairs of the Vicious Circle.


First appearance of Officer Eileen Ulick, Emily Schwartzblatt, Inferno

  • This issue includes a bonus Dragon pin-up by Erik Larsen.

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