Sean Halloran

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Real Name
Sean Halloran
Seamus Halloran (father, deceased),
Rachel Halloran (wife)



Sean Halloran is a New York Senator who came under fire from the public that he was hiding a homosexual scandal.

23 years ago at Whisleton Prepatory Academy, Sam Burke returned home and opened the door to his dorm room to find his roommate, Sean Halloran, sleeping with his roommate Peter Draven.[1]

Later, Sam Burke was playing video games with friends at a local arcade when he spotted his bike being stolen. He rushed outside to stop the man. He found Seamus Halloran, Sean's father, waiting for him. He welcomed him into his vehicle and offered Sam $10,000 for his discretion in not speaking to anyone about his son's homosexuality. [2]

Sam Burke returned to his dorm room. Peter Draven left as they had an awkward exchange of not talking about the homosexual discovery and the payoff offer from Seamus. Sam stared at his money and wondered what to do with it.[3]

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Sean holds Seamus Halloran in his final moments.

In the present, Sean Halloran was leaving the hospital with his wife and newborn child. He was accosted by the media who begged questions of the recent allegations that he was a homosexual. As a candidate for president of the United States of America, he denied the allegations and ushered his new family into the car.[4]

Over the next few days, Sean was berated by his wife for not acting like a man and always giving way to his father's ways.[2] When news broke that his security guard was killed, he made a press statement promising full cooperation into the investigation.[5]

Case Files Sam and Twitch Vol 1 12 002

Sean dumps his lover's remains in the river as closure.

The next day, Sean was suddenly attacked by his old lover, Peter Draven in his home. When his father disabled Peter and ordered Sean to shoot him, Sean stalled. He was continually pushed and began to realize that his past lovers were recently murdered by his father's orders. When his father called him a faggot he turned the gun and fired on his father. He held his father as he bleed out.

Later, Pete headed to a park to meet Sam. Pete dumped the body of his cremated boyfriend, Rob, into the river. Sam joked he promises not to report him for illegally dumping remains in public.[6]

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