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Simeon Winters is a strategist and double agent for the Foreign Office.[1]

Simeon joined the CCCU after being invited by Maria Kilbride. They were funded to research and bring their unique set of skills together to investigate the future and time.[2]

Simeon learned that someone was attempted to speak with The Injection. He headed to the location of the individual and activated gadgetry to break into the building and murder theresident. He was surprised when there was an unknown man in the building he had not accounted for. After a brief battle, he stole the computer from his victim and booked a flight to Dublin to meet with Brigid.[3] Brigid Roth arrived at the Dublin airport to pick up Simeon. He told her he believed people were attempting to speak with the Injection and needed her hacking skills to check the man's computer. Brigid responded that she believed the Injection was also crossing the airgap as she saw a kid die from it.[4] Simeon flipped her reality when he told her they've always been under the Injection's control. He pointed out their whole lives as humans has been to create this infrastructure for it to live.[5]

The two spent time out on the plains disconnected from technology for some time. However, they were soon called by Vivek to return to take down the Injection and an evil organization, Rubedo.[6]

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