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Simon Pure was the leader of the Kingdom, a group of 777 vampires who served Heaven. They were determined to lead the world as Earth's rightful leaders.

Simon appeared in New York City as a mysterious figure in a bar. He approached Heaven's warrior Wolfram. He called Wolfram by name and told him the Kingdom had come for him. Wolfram refused and told him he wouldn't play by their rules. Simon wouldn't tolerate rogues and pulled out a sword and decapitated Wolfram.[1]

Simon later attacked Spawn on a rooftop and warned him the Kingdom was coming for him. He was told that he should not mettle in their affairs.[2]

Simon began gathering Kingdom members in New York City to purge the city as a message for others to join.[3] As they prepare to attack, Simon shows the Kingdom how to view sinners. He places an "S" on sinner's foreheads.[4] As they jump down to attack, they are all shocked to learn the city was cleansed of sins. Suddenly, those that had S's no longer have them. They halted their attack as they can't touch those worthy of God. They sense the sins have relocated and been placed in Spawn. They head to Central Park to attack him.[5] When Simon gets close to Spawn, Simon is marked with an S. The Kingdom members all attack Simon as they sense he is a sinner. The Kingdom members are soon all destroyed when Ab opens a portal to hell inside their citadel.[6]

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