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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

In 1989 at Blackbird Ranch, Tilly and Vanessa discuss their exit plan. Tilly tells Vanessa she'll distract Henry that night. However, David sneaks into Vanessa's tent. He tells her it's time for her baby to be born as she begins having excruciating pain.

Sons of the Devil Vol 1 4 001

David approaches Vanessa as she enters labor with his son.

In the present, Jenny and Rory continue to tell Travis Crowe that they are related as half-brothers and sisters. They show him a picture of David and tell him that he's their father as a result of a commune experiment years ago. Travis becomes infuriated and leaves the vehicle. He frantically attempts to call Melissa but she refuses to answer his texts. He runs into a man who attempts to rob him. When Travis's eye glows red and he tells him, "No", the man walks away in a trance.

Later, Detective Young waits at Travis' apartment for him to return. He asks if he knows anything about Aaron Wilkes death, who was found dead in a car. Travis pushes past him and is disheartened to see Melissa is not at their apartment.

Melissa Sons of the Devil 003

Melissa returns home furious with Travis Crowe.

At a shelter, Henry shows up disheveled with a grey beard and cuts in front of homeless waiting in line. He spots Eric Burton and calls him, "David." Burton smiles and tells them they have much catching up to do.

Elsewhere, Travis attempts to take his dog for a walk. Jenny approaches him outside. She apologizes for stalking him but Travis blows up in anger. Melissa finally returns home and is suspicious to find him talking with another woman. When Jenny tells them she met him at an Orphan support group, Melissa becomes even more furious as Travis didn't tell her he was attending a group. She feels his lies have gone too far. After a brief argument where Melissa feels like her feelings aren't being looked out for by Travis, she heads upstairs to the apartment and calls a social woman's club to make an appointment.

Elsewhere, Eric drags the bondage man up in preparation to be sacrificed. He calls him his child once more.


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