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  • Craw County (appears in both flashback and main story)



Plot Synopsis for "Gridiron, Part One"

Recalling his high school days, Coach Boss remembers being scrawny and run over by other boys. He trained harder and worked more than anyone else but still was smaller and weaker. The coach at the time told him to quit but he refused to give up.

In the present, Esaw Goings and Materhead show up at Coach Boss's house. They're shocked to see he's left the Tubb Bat on his counter with blood still on it. Esaw offers to take care of it for the Boss and the Boss orders him to leave it. He pushes them out the door and they head to the Tubb House to pay their respects at Earl Tubb's funeral.

The Coach approaches Uncle Buhl and tells him no one knows how his nephew died. He offers to help pay for the tombstone out of sympathy.

He recalls being picked on by Elmore as a kid. When he retaliated he was beaten by his crew and friends who were on the football team.

As they leave the funeral the Coach tells Esaw and Materhead how his neighbor looked at him this morning. He wanted to let him know that he new without saying anything. He thinks about how no one will saying anything about what he's done, even the people in town that hate his guts. He tells Esaw he doesn't want anyone to forget and orders Esaw to take him home. Upon returning, he takes the Tubb Bat and mounts it above a jersey at Boss BBQ so that the whole town will be reminded of his actions.


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