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Plot Synopsis for "Homecoming, Part One"

Previously after the funeral, Ol' Big approaches Sheriff Hardy and asks if Euless really did beat Earl to death in the middle of the street while everyone watched.[1]

In the present, Coach brings Sheriff into Ol Big's office. He tells the Sheriff this is a murder scene. He explains they have beaten Wetumpka County for 19 straight years, and he had Ol' Big through all of them. If they claim this is murder, and the suspect is from Wetumpka, it will fire the team up.

Sheriff visits the Compson Bank where his old high school sweetheart works. She gives him the cold shoulder and tells him to take his business elsewhere.

Sheriff recalls being one of the best running backs in rebel history. When he got offers to play in college, Euless had his leg broken so he wouldn't leave.

Later, the Sheriff headed out to the road that lead to Wetumpka. He stopped several boys from attacking Wetumpka.

The next day at Boss BBQ, Euless yells at the Sheriff for arresting the boys.

He heads home and thinks about how he's given up on his life. He pulls his wedding ring out of his pocket as he is greeted by his wife and kid when he opens the door to his house.


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  1. Southern Bastards #4
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