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Spawn: The Eternal is a video game developed and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation, based on the Spawn comic book series created by Todd McFarlane and produced by Image Comics. It was released on December 1, 1997 in North America, the same time the movie was released on VHS and received poor reviews from many notable game critics and fans [1].


Upon release, Spawn: The Eternal was universally panned by critics and even fans to an extent. Most reviewers lauded its authenticity but were also exasperated at its poor graphics, camera angles and repetitive, button mashing gameplay.


Spawn: The Eternal
Graphically hideous and extremely pixelated, Spawn the Eternal suffers from countless visual bugs. Pop-up abounds. Walls disappear and reappear randomly and constantly, as well as bending noticeably whenever they scroll by.
Spawn: The Eternal


Spawn: The Eternal
To begin with, it's as ugly as the backside of a male dog with explosive diarrhea. The textures in the game are grainy and sloppy and look like something you might have seen on the 3DO four years ago. There are a few decent touches, like the sewer water, but overall looking at Spawn: The Eternal is like looking at a pile of broken glass. Which doesn't even cover the man himself. Poor Spawn looks like an ape in a costume, and that ain't pretty. He doesn't even have his magnificent cape until he gets into combat, which brings us to the next problem.[2]
Spawn: The Eternal



  • When played on a CD player, the disc would be revealed to contain a lengthy audio interview with Spawn's creator Todd McFarlane as the final track.


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