Appearing in "My Soul to Keep"

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  • Eve Riley (Single appearance)

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Plot Synopsis for "My Soul to Keep"

Eve Riley late awake unable to sleep. The only thing that forces her also is routines and staying awake until it hurts. The first of her grandma floats over her.

The next day, David calls his mom and complained how she hasn't acted herself and is forcing him to change his life.

Eve recalls having this problem as a child. She would west the bed if it ever happened and her grandma would beat her with a hairbrush when she lost her patience.

Outside, Spawn watches the torture eve goes through. An Angel approaches him and earns him he can't stop the on coming Armageddon war. Spawn tells her he only allows them to make their own choices.

Later that night after arguing with her husband about her condition, Spawn appears in her room and tells her to let go.

The next day, the Rileys head to the graveyard to say goodbye to her grandma. The first stopped following Eve and she is finally free of her unrest.


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