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Albert Simmons (First Main Spawn)

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1992-2008; 2015-Present

Spawn is a Hellspawn sent to Earth to deliver evil souls to Hell. However, Spawn became the pseudo-protector of New York City, fighting against Heaven and Hell alike. The legacy of Hellspawns spans throughout history tapping into the enigmatic Necroplasm and evil creatures - such as worms, bats, and wolves - to gain their powers. Medieval Spawn was one of the original Hellspawn and was slain by Angela, a seraphic warrior. Albert Simmons was the Spawn of the 90s. He sacrificed himself to free himself from the eternal torture but re-animated James Downing as a result of his action. Jim took up the mantel of Hellspawn for several years until Al's return in 2015.

Spawn was created by Todd McFarlane in his original incarnation. He first appeared in Spawn #1 (1992). The modern version was created by Paul Jenkins, Todd McFarlane and Jonboy Meyers, first appearing in Spawn #250.

Jim Downing as Spawn


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