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Quote1.png You failed buddy boy! You failed! Ha ha ha! Quote2.png
-- Violator

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Plot Synopsis for "Crossing Over"

When Spawn tries to examine Angela's abandoned lance, it transports him into a realm beyond his wildest imaginings. While in this strange world, Spawn encounters imprisoned heroes, faces a mockery of Blind Justice in the form of the Violator, and glimpses a dreamlike scenario of happiness for him, Wanda and Cyan.

He witness captured heroes who plead to take their power. They reach out from a prison with men tied and bound with rope and burlap sacks covering their faces. Cerebus explains these are comic creators who have sold the rights to their creations and they are now held powerless.


  • 1994 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Nominee - Best Single Issue: (Dave Sim and Todd McFarlane Image)
  • This issue is dedicated to Don Heck
  • This is the last Spawn issue co-published by Malibu Comics
  • The bound heroes and blinded comic creators is a swipe against big name comic publishing where creators must sign over the rights of their creations to the company. Image comics was the underdog of the comic community and allowed its creators to maintain the rights and royalties of their characters.


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