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| Letterer1_1 = Tom Orzechowski
| Letterer1_1 = Tom Orzechowski
| Quotation =
| Quotation = This is my fate. This is what I've chosen to be. This world and its shadows belong to me. Now and forever, I am Spawn.
| Speaker =
| Speaker = [[Albert Simmons]]
| StoryTitle1 = "Milestone"
| StoryTitle1 = "Milestone"

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Quote1 This is my fate. This is what I've chosen to be. This world and its shadows belong to me. Now and forever, I am Spawn. Quote2
-- Albert Simmons

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Plot Synopsis for "Milestone"

Malebolgia sits in Hell and is approached by Mammon. He taunts him telling him his time is coming. Malebolgia sits confident and tells him to get lost.

In Pennsylvania, Spawn continues to push Ab and Zab for information on what Malebolgia wanted. They tells him he wanted the Armageddon War to happen so that when the forces of Hell invaded Earth, he would usurp control of all the levels of Hell to be the supreme ruler. Cogliostro appears and tells him he's impressed. He had been trying to teach Spawn the rules of engagement but instead Spawn broke the rules and created his own. He shows Spawn a shortcut to get into the 8th level of Hell from New York City.

Terry Fitzgerald arrives at the hospital with Wanda Blake. She begins flat-lining as doctors rush to her aid to save her. Terry grows increasingly concerned but is relieved when he finds they delivered twins safely. An angel appears as Wanda lays in bed and touches them with her devine powers to wake her up.

Spawn travels to hell to confront Malebolgia. When he's initially overpowered, Angela appears and helps fight him. She uses her Dimensional Lance to eviscerate him. She then lifts Spawn and prepares to carry him out of hell. Behind her, Malebolgia rises and uses her lance to impale her through the chest. Spawn returns the rage and pulls a sword and beheads Malebolgia, killing him once and for all. Mammon appears and congratulates him on his victory. He tells him he may now rule the 8th circle of hell if he wishes. Spawn tells him to buzz off and carries Angela's body out of hell. A group of angels appear and take Angela's body to put it to rest in the proper place. They offer him a halo as he's redeemed himself and may return to heaven, and he turns it down as well to walk his own path.

Later, Wanda heads to Al Simmons' grave to say goodbye and tell him how much she misses him.

Solicit Synopsis

While Wanda lies close to death, Spawn returns to the eighth level of Hell for a final showdown with a weakened Malebolgia. At the height of the conflict, Angela arrives to join in the battle. After mortally wounding Malebolgia and thinking him dead, Spawn and Angela prepare to escape; however, with his last breath, Malebolgia extracts Angela's lance and impales her with it. In a rage, Spawn decapitates Malebolgia with Angela's sword. Carrying Angela's lifeless body, Spawn delivers her to a host of angels who offer him forgiveness and redemption. He refuses this angelic pardon, but the angel who offers it can yet do one favor for Spawn: She appears in Wanda' hospital room and breathes new life into Wanda. Meanwhile, Spawn finally comes to terms with his place in the world.


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