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Plot Synopsis for "Cautionary Tales, Part 1 - The Speed of Night"

Mammon comes for Thea, a ragged woman, who sits in an alley thinking about how many things she would have done differently in her life. Mammon appears an tells her that he's come to see if she's ready to make a deal. She is terrified but accepts. Mammon pulls out a coin and flips it.

Thea recalls years ago when her curse started. She was at a funeral and she saw a vision that her hands were bleeding. When an older woman came to check if she was alright, Thea had a vision the woman would be the next to die. She saw the woman as a corpse instead of herself. Thea then passed out from the sight.

Thea then recollects how she became addicted to drugs and begged for money later in her life. She was walking down the street one day when she spotted once again how one man was going to die. A car pulled up and performed a drive by, killing the man. Thea's hands started bleeding again. She panicked and ran out into the alley where she pulled a black material that became Spawn. Terrified at the sight, she ran away into incoming traffic and was struck by a car.

Thea was rushed to the hospital. As she recovered, she yelled out at Spawn and asked why he was haunting her.

In the present, Mammon asks if they really need to look at the result of the coin flip. She agrees and goes with him into the afterlife. At the last second, Mammon whispers to her that she wasn't being haunted by Spawn. The truth is that he was really there to help her.


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