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  • Car Thieves (Single appearance)
  • Kingdom

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Plot Synopsis for "The Kingdom, Part 3"

At New York City Police Headquarters, the chief reams the police force for allowing seven bodies to be hung up on a string outside the office. He is worried about being chewed up by the media. Sam Burke and Twitch Williams start a side conversation and the chief appoints them head on the case in retaliation for their insubordination.

Citadel of the Kingdom 001

The Citadel of the Kingdom appears in a dimension between the mortal realm and afterlife.

Elsewhere, Spawn tells Ab and Zab they work for him now that Malebolgia has been murdered. He tells them something is brewing after being attacked by Simon Pure. He tells them to get to the bottom of it seems they have 48 hours to do so and then phrases out of the room.

Elsewhere, Dawn bites her lip causing it to bleed. She tells Max Williams IV she wants to share something special with him and kisses him. Max comments how he feels warm and tingles on the inside.

Ab and Zab stumbled upon a dumpster to find something inside.

Twitch Williams cleans up in his bathroom and when he stands up to look in the mirror, the word, "midnite" is written on it in soap.

Elsewhere, several car thieves attempt to steal a car. The Kingdom members show up and tell them not to sin. They disable them telling them this is their turf now. They attack the thieves and reveal their fangs. Spawn appears and attacks The Kingdom members. When he absorbs Lucas info a magic back and explodes the ball, the other members retreat into a mystical pillar that suddenly appears in New York City.


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