Appearing in "The Kingdom, Part 4"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Villains :

  • Dawn
  • Lucas
  • The Traveler (Single appearance) (flashback only)
  • Simon Pure

Other Characters:

  • Archie Weller (Only appearance; dies)
  • Beth Weller (Only appearance; dies)
  • Max Williams IV
  • Wolfram (appears as a head)




Plot Synopsis for "The Kingdom, Part 4"

Per Spawn's message to meet him at midnight, Twitch Williams drags Sam Burke to a rooftop to wait for him. He appears with Ab and Zab, who reveal a decapitated head. Spawn recognized him as Wolfram. The head surprisingly begins speaking when lit on fire. Wolfram tells them the story of how The Kingdom began.

Many years ago, a traveler was taken in by a man who had lost everything in a storm. The traveler was offered all that the man had left. In return the traveler have him a chalice that would grant eternal life when one drank from it. Since then, these people have walked the earth. Called names such as Vampires. They bid their time until they will take over the earth.

Wolfram tells them they have been gathering in the hundreds to begin their purge. They will kill all unclean souls of New York City to send a message to all others to join them. Spawn says he knows where they'll be, thinking back to the structure he saw earlier.[1]

Elsewhere, Dawn sees Max Williams IV in bad shape. She whisks him away to other Kingdom members and tells him he is being born again.

Spawn heads to the structure and attempted to blast it with and energy projection. He does no damage but is suddenly attacked by the Kingdom members. Simon Pure arrives and informed Spawn that he has come too early.


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  1. Spawn #109
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