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Plot Synopsis for "The Kingdom, Part 5"

As Spawn becomes surrounded and outnumbered by hundreds of the Kingdom members, he summons a gigantic tidal wave to engulf them all and drags them to the ocean floor. While it kills some, many keep coming and Spawn retreats to formulate a plan.

Later, Wolfram warns him they must disintegrate the Kingdom members to stop them. Ab and Zab agree to use their powers to open doors for Spawn but warn him there will be consequences as Spawn concocts his plan to destroy the Kingdom and rescue Max.

Elsewhere, Max Williams IV calls out for his father to help him as he slipped further into the Kingdom world. Twitch pleads for him to stop but Dawn appears and takes Max away. Twitch wakes up in a cold sweat from his dream.

At the Citadel of the Kingdom, Simon Pure asks who will replace his taken soldiers and makes more troops. They love up on the rooftops and he reveals his plan. The Kingdom members view people in the world below and they wear "S" on their foreheads. Each person with an S is considered impure and shall be cleansed by them soon.


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