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Plot Synopsis for "The Kingdom, Part 7"

Twitch Williams sits in his room with a gun to his head. He blames himself for what happened to his boy.

10 days ago at the Citadel of the Kingdom, Ab and Zab finished building the portal to hell. They told Max Williams IV to cover his eyes and ears. Suddenly their position was discovered by several Kingdom members.

At Central Park, Spawn summoned bats to help fight off the Kingdom members. He called out Simon Pure to battle him. He grabbed Simon's head and marked him with an "S". His kingdom members turned against him as they now saw him as a sinner with the S.

Ab finished building the portal and an explosion consumed all the Kingdom members in a fire.

In the present, when Twitch attempts to pull the gun's trigger, Spawn appears and stops him. He tells him he had need of him for the future.

In England, Mammon buys a Cogliostro a drink telling him things are now leaving Hell due to the door Spawn opened.


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