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  • Joyce, Terry's Secretary (Single appearance) (flashback only)

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Plot Synopsis for "Wake Up Dreaming, Part 3"

Albert Simmons 011
Albert Simmons recalls being at a diner with Wanda Blake and Terry Fitzgerald. He was preparing for his nuptials soon and Terry pleaded for him to quit his job as it was 'too dangerous' for a family man. Al ignores him and tells him he won't turn soft. He becomes frustrated and punches a metal paper towel holder. Terry is beside himself at Al's anger.

Wanda recalls being married with Al and asking him to quit. He physically abused her and took his anger out on her giving her bruises on her arms.

Terry recalls discovering Wanda's bruises years ago. They kissed and embraced before Wanda pulled away and told him she couldn't do this to Al. She left leaving Terry confused as to what to do.

In the present, Terry quits his job with Jason Wynn as he doesn't want to loose Wanda the way Al did to his work.


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