Quote1 Buddy, I don't pay attention to the landscape when I'm working. Quote2
-- Chapel

Appearing in "Flashback, Part 2"

Featured Characters:


  • Chapel (appears in both flashback and main story)

Other Characters:




Plot Synopsis for "Flashback, Part 2"

Spawn recalls playing a baseball game and breaking his ankle. All he can remember is how beautiful she was and how they made love until the sun came up the next morning.

Spawn decides to focus on finding the man who killed him, Chapel.

At Youngblood headquarters, Badrock is on guard duty but distracted by video games. When Spawn trips a silent alarms, he finds Chapel along with teammates Diehard and Shaft. Spawn teleports himself and Chapel to Botswana to complete his fight.

Terry Fitzgerald finds it hard to fall asleep. Now that two men have harassed him, he knows he's on a watch list which is hard to get on. Yet he can't figure out why they'd be checking into him.[1]

Twitch Williams and Sam Burke rejoice in their investigation finally being lifted for the murder of Billy Kincaid.[2]

In Botswana, Chapel recalls the orders from Jason Wynn to take out his target when things got hairy. Snapping back into the present, he wrestles with Spawn and exchanges punches. Spawn drives the point home by disfiguring the Chapel's face with a horrific brand, that resembles the facial warpaint he wore when he murdered Al. As Spawn leaves Chapel, he activates the Youngblood tracking mechanism.

Eight hours later, Shaft and Badrock arrive and ask what Spawn said to him. With a disgusted and angry look, Chapel simply replies with, "Nothing" as he gets on their plane to leave.


  • This issue is dedicated to George Perez


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