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Plot Synopsis for "A Thousand Clowns, Part 3"

Nyx ponders Mammon's offer. She knows she can only save one of her friends, either Thea who's soul is trapped in hell, or Lillian Redgrave who has turned her back on magic. She attempts to feel Spawn's presence but cannot locate him.

Violator 006

Violator looms over normal sized men.

In the Dead Zone, Spawn's body lays powerless due to his presence in the mystical zone of New York City. He temporarily transforms into his mortal form of Al Simmons but quickly changes back after excruciating pain from his injuries. However, the transformation loosened his shackles as he pulls himself out of the Dead Zone so his powers can heal him. He immediately heads to where he hears the Clown's music. He pulls back a curtain and finds the Violator waiting for him. He stands in the middle of a circus ring and welcomes Spawn to challenge him to a fight in front of his converted clown army. The Violator easily beats the weakened Spawn as his followers cheer.

Violator 005

The Violator transforms to his true self.

Meanwhile, Nyx waits in her room wondering what she'll do. Suddenly, a power outage hits the city and an army of the clown mob fills the streets of New York City.


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