Quote1 No harm shall come to this town... not while I live! Quote2
-- Medieval Spawn

Appearing in "Myths, Part 1"

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Plot Synopsis for "Myths, Part 1"

The Clown, being a master of self-promotion, tells the story of a long-ago clash with Medieval Spawn to a small lot of alley kids. He portrays the ancient warrior in the worst possible light and describing him as evil. He takes creative liberties explaining he was the hero of the story. During a battle, a kick from Spawn's horse sends Violator flying, something snaps inside him and he unleashes a gout of mystical fire. The Violator cackles in triumph over the smoking form of his fallen foe.

Spawn curses himself for letting his emotions get the best of him. Now that Chapel knows he's still alive, he can no longer remain a shadow. People may discover he's still alive and come for him.


  • This issue is dedicated to Jim Salicrup


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