Quote1 You fight like little girls. If I were an enemy you'd be dead meat. Quote2
-- Jason Wynn

Appearing in "Reflections, Part 1"

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  • Militia Force
  • Brewer
  • Stevens
  • Larry
  • Bernie




Plot Synopsis for "Reflections, Part 1"

In Simmonsville, two volunteer troops head into a strange town that had nuclear testing performed give years ago. The bomb opened a portal to Hell. In exchange for Al Simmons' memories, they would receive Psychoplasm. A material that creates takes people's fears and manifests them out of Psychoplasm. Simmonsville is made of pure Psychoplasm and was created when his memories were stolen. Jason Wynn offers Major Vale an opportunity to partake in the experiment and Vale replies he needs to think about it.

Spawn isn't sure what he is. He knows he died, and dead people have no bodies. He decides to dig up his grave in Virginia. But first, he blows off stream by protecting some bums from street thugs. The thugs recognize the red caped man as shown and freak out.

At Terran Affairs Headquarters, Gabrielle receives a call from control to dispatch a troop to attack spawn. She realizes they wouldn't have done this unless the Hellspawn was a serious threat. From Orbital Angel Station they bring Jason Wynn up and imbue him with Elemental Fire to create the anti-spawn.



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