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-- Sam Burke

Appearing in "The Hunt, Part 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Jimmy Lindon (Street Bum)




Synopsis for "The Hunt, Part 2"

Joe Sakic meticulously reviews the mob accounting records.

Spawn drops in on Antonio Twistelli's accountant, Joe Sacik. Spawn demands to know Twistelli's whereabouts but is interrupted by armed muscle dropping in on him. Spawn dispatches them with a desk to their face. Joe quickly hands over some files to Spawn. However, Spawn is surprised to see they are on Terry Fitzgerald.

Several days later, Sacik was found with his hand and feet cut off in a ditch for talking with Spawn.

Sam Burke and Twitch Williams receive a lead from Jimmy Lindon on the whereabouts of Spawn's hang outs. As Sam gets some flack from fellow officer Fred about the internal investigation, Sam pukes in his coffee.

At Terry's office, he's frantically called in by his secretary. She shows him a box she's received containing a murdered rat with a knife stuck through it. Attached to the knife is a note stating that Terry is a dead rat.

In the Bowery Alleyways, Spawn sits as its protector. He reads the papers he received from Sacik and is appalled that Twistelli thinks Terry is to blame for Spawns actions against the mob.

Twistelli is debriefed on updates to the OvertKill program. He's warned some of OvertKill's memories are not wiped yet, but Twistelli wants him active for duty that night.

As Terry drives home in a panic over the threats, he's relieved and worried at the same time that Wanda isn't there. He spots an unmarked CIA vehicle outside. Suddenly, Twistelli's thugs arrive and park behind the CIA vehicle. When a CIA agent yells out to freeze, they enter a shootout. When the two CIA agents are shot and killed, the mobsters announce to Terry they are holding his wife hostage and want him to meet them downtown that night.

In the alleys, Spawn reads in Twistelli's notes about Overtkill meeting Terry that evening. Springing into action he searches for his guns. Twitch shows up and tells him to freeze as he pulls a gun to Spawn's head.


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