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Spawn arrives back on Earth on a rainy day. He immediately heads to where Wanda Blake was shown to be attacked in a riot. Spawn spots several young adults and asks if they saw what had happened. They point him in the direction of a pool hall when Al notices the dog he meet in Limbo earlier.[1]

Mike the Messanger 001

Mike the Messenger makes his first appearance.

When Al follows the man walking the dog into an alley and confronts him, he learns the man was sent by God, and the dog was just a stray he found. He said he would watch over Al and make sure he adjusted to his resurrection. The men tells Al he doesn't know where Wanda is located. He says God sometimes anoints people before they pass through to Hell. This would protect them temporarily from the torture of hell to give Spawn time to save her. God knew one day a creature of hell would rise up to fight back against Satan, and the best way to help that person would be to protect his loved ones.

As the man introduces himself as Mike and hands Al money, two cops yell at them and order them to freeze. Mike reveals they are actually Demons. After beating them, they admit their master Belial knows where Wanda is located.

Elysian Apartments 001

Mike lives at the aptly named Elysian Apartments.

Spawn heads to Elysian Apartments where he finds Mike. He asks if he knew anything about Belial. Mike is surprised and tells him how Belial used to be one of God's most trusted soldiers, until his hubris got in the way. Once punished, he flipped sides and joined Hell. Mike suspects Belial knew Al was important to God and wanted to hurt him to get revenge on God. When asked how he knows all this if he's just a mortal messenger, Mike shows him the mirror which shows Al's true form a Spawn and his as an Angel.


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