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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

In a hospital, James Downing lies in a coma and recovers while hooked up on life support. The news reports on TV about his status. When a news reporter leaves to head to the changing room, he finds Spawn waiting for him in his room. Spawn forces him to reveal his true form which is that of a demon. Spawn holds him against the wall and threatens the demon to reveal who ordered that attack on Wanda Blake.[1] He demands the demon tell him where they took her. The demon finally admits they are taking her to the Tunnel.

Spawn heads to Elysian Apartments. He bursts into the bathroom where Mike is using the bathroom. Spawn tells Mike it's urgent that he learns how to get to the Tunnel. Mike is shocked he has learned about the Tunnel. He tells him it's a place humans dare not to tread. He will need two keys, an angel and a demon to unlock the entrance. He tells him they must both be willing participants to let him into the Tunnel.

Meanwhile, Bingo tells another demon that his mission is to capture Spawn's costume.

Violator 007

The Violator drinks his problems away at a titty bar.

Back on Earth, Al finds Violator drinking in a strip club. He asks him to help him be his guide to enter the Tunnel. Violator laughs that he'll never be able to find his way through the maze. He orders Al to transform into his Spawn form in the alley. He agrees. Violator points out that the M on his chest is actually a map through the Tunnel. In exchange for his help in opening the door to the Tunnel, Spawn agrees to grant Violator some power back to allow him to shape-shift again. The Violator agrees. As Spawn walks away, Violator laughs and transforms from his Clown to Violator form and gloats how he wants more power.

Solicit Synopsis

Spawn makes a decision that will change the game for everyone.


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  1. Spawn #Resurrection
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