Quote1 I need to finish this, and I need to do it alone. Quote2
-- Albert Simmons

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  • Victor's Auto Shop (Single appearance)



Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

In New York City, Albert Simmons visits Victor's Auto Shop in his mortal form. He stands over the battered and burned vehicle that Wanda Blake was in when she was killed by demons.[1] Mike the Messenger interrupts and tells him they need to split as they've set off a police alarm. They both take off before the police enter.

Spawn Vol 1 257 001

Using a representative of Heaven, Hell, and of Humans, the Tunnel may be opened.

They head to Rat City. Mike sits in Spawn's throne and is surprised when the Violator surprises him from the shadows. When Mike threatens the Violator, he continues to be teased. Mike reveals his wings and the Violator calls him a Jim Downing rip off. Mike tries to tease Violator and tell him he couldn't change forms anymore. As the Violator began to transform, Spawn interrupted with his Sword of the Spirit. He orders they both behave as they have to work together to get through the Tunnel. They enter the deadzone and as a result of having a representative of Heaven, Hell, and Humans they are transported to the tunnel. A pitch black universe where Wanda is being stored.

The Violator tells him to follow the sound but Al is unable to hear anything. He tells them only those born of Hell may hear it. After traveling and bickering through the darkness, they reach a wall and begin to climb it. When the Violator miss-steps and falls off the top, Mike dives after him to catch him. As Al is abandoned, many Demons emerge from the darkness and attack him. Suddenly, they spot a white hole. Violator tells them it is the Gateway they seek. As Spawn prepares to depart, Violator stops him and tells him he was promised powers for acting as his guide. Spawn obliges and grants him a bit of his power as he walks through the hole.

Solicit Synopsis

Spawn’s enemies think they have the upper hand, but what they don’t know is that they are playing right into his hands.


  • This is the first issue since the Resurrection rebirth that Jonboy Meyers did not draw anything for the inside issue.


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  1. Spawn #251
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