Quote1 But I'm compounding these problems by being everyone's target. It's been a friggin' sea of freaks... Quote2
-- Spawn

Appearing in "Shadows"

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  • Tiffany the Assistant (First Appearance)

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Plot Synopsis for "Shadows"

The Violator skulks in the sewers of New York City. He wields a voodoo doll of Spawn and begins ripping it to pieces.

Elsewhere, Spawn and the bums meet and talk about the increased danger Spawn brings into their lives. Bobby tells Spawn to stop whining and to instead take care of the guy who caused him his problems. Spawn realizes he's right and thanks him. During the conversation, one of the bums sneaks away after having listened to Spawn's plans.

The bum heads to the sewers to tell Violator what Spawn is up to. Violator tells him to come back in a few days as he prepared a tap for Spawn.

In a hospital, Sam Burke can't believe the care Twitch Williams is getting from 3 hot nurses. Twitch's family come to visit him to see how he's recovering from his injuries.[1]

At Terran Affairs Headquarters, Rafael oversees the rebuilding of her office from Spawn's destruction.[2] Her assistant, Tiffany, reminds her Spawn was only protecting his own.

At CIA HQ, Jason Wynn greets Terry Fitzgerald as a new employee of the Central Intelligence Agency. Wynn thinks something still stinks with Terry even though his sources have him checked out to not be the Spawn.

The bum messenger approaches and mentions, "Al Simmons" to Spawn. Spawn leaps to his feet clutching the man tight and demands to know how he knows his real name. The bum tells him he was only following orders. Spawn lets the man go, only to secretly trail him to his master.

The Violator rips out the bums heart upon hearing the news he's completed his task. Spawn turns the corner a second too late to find the bum dead. When he spots the Violator, the Violator is shocked Spawn can already use his uniform and that the uniform should be too young to be at this level already.

Solicit Synopsis

Spawn ponders leaving town because his presence endangers the homeless. A spy tells his shadowy boss of Spawn's plans. The lackey sets up a meeting in the sewers with Spawn and his boss, who turns out to be the Violator. As they battle, the Violator warns Spawn that if he leaves town, his homeless friends will die.



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