Quote1 The five dozen jelly-filled mega-doughnuts are a coincidence? Quote2
-- Twitch Williams

Appearing in "Set Up, Part 1"

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Plot Synopsis for "Set Up, Part 1"

Twitch Williams is welcomed back to the New York City Police Department. He thanks Sam Burke for organizing the event and is anxious to get back to work. Chief Banks stops by. Sam threatens him again. As they walk away, officer Eric tells Banks that he knows Burke has been sniffing around his business and that he even got a hold of some of his records.

New York City Police Department 001

Twitch Williams receives a hero's welcome.

In the Bowery Alleyways, Cogliostro rebukes Spawn and tells him they have a new variable to worry about. They can't understand why his suit has already evolved, seven years early. When Cog touches Spawn's face, he experiences more painful flashback about Wynn and his mortal death.

At Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters, Terry Fitzgerald is promoted by Jason to head data security. Jason walks back into his office and takes a call from Chief Banks. He tells him not to worry about Banks. He thinks it is all a front as he was personally delivered his files from Spawn earlier.[1] Banks becomes slightly worried as he knows what it's like to fail a man as powerful as Jason Wynn.

In Queens, New York, Wanda Blake talks with Granny Blake on the phone and tells her she received an anonymous donation at the children's society shelter. Granny says she also received amazing news where she received confirmation of an extension of Jonathan's pension from the government.

At the 12th precinct, Sam suddenly gets news that Banks is heading to the alleys after Spawn. They rush to their car as they never gave Banks the file on him and he probably doesn't know what he's getting into.

In the alleyways, Bank's men start roughing up bums, demanding to know where Spawn is located. Banks spots a makeshift fence where there shouldn't be one. He breaks through it to find Spawn's thrown. Spawn suddenly attacks them and doesn't understand why he'd come to the alley. He then realizes he never got the threat that he had told Sam to deliver. Sam and Twitch pull up and tell Spawn to let Banks go. When Spawn presses Banks further he whimpers out the name, "Wynn" connecting Wynn to the Kincaid murders. Using the distraction, Spawn's suit disables the detectives and takes off.

Spawn attacks Jason Wynn at his office. Spawn demands to know why he was killed. Suddenly, Jason's body guards break into the office and Spawn is shocked that Terry is one of them.

Solicit Synopsis

At the police department, Burke threatens to expose Chief Banks with the file Spawn gave him, which links Banks to the child killer Kincaid. Banks faces Spawn, but loses his nerve and reveals that he works for Wynn. Enraged, Spawn confronts Wynn but Terry bursts into the office and demands Wynn's release. Spawn believes Terry has befriended Wynn.


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