Quote1 There's never been scores higher than mine in any of the flight levels. Quote2
-- Tiffany

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  • Gate (First Appearance)



Plot Synopsis for "Avenger"

Tiffany 001

At the Gate, the young Angel Tiffany boats she has higher scores than the disgraced Angela. Even though it is not sanctioned, she vows to hunt Spawn as a matter of principle.

Tiffany 002

Spawn continues to rejuvenate himself in the darkness after The Curse's injuries to him.[1] As he receives energy, Tiffany arrives. She easily out-powers him as he's still to weak to fight back. Tiffany beats Spawn down and prepares to decapitate him.

The Violator watches Spawn get beaten and laughs.

Sam Burke and Twitch Williams meet in Sam's pig sty of an apartment. Twitch says he can't tell his wife he was fired as it would break her heart. The discuss their next steps as banks shouldn't have been the only one to take the fall.

Solicit Synopsis

When Angela helped Spawn escape Heaven, she lost her position as priority A-1 angel. Tiffany, a firecracker with a taste for blood, is determined to get the job, and her path to success leads straight through Spawn. Coming upon him in his weakened state, Tiffany confronts Spawn and a fierce battle ensues with Tiffany about to decapitate Spawn. Meanwhile, Sam and Twitch wonder why Banks took the fall when others were implicated in their investigation.


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  1. Spawn #40
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