Quote1 You scream, I scream, we both scream, for ice cream. Quote2
-- Billy Kincaid

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  • 9th Dimension



Plot Synopsis for "The Reckoning"

Spawn is plunged into the 9th Dimension of Hell, where he was created and Malebolgia resides. Malebolgia tests Spawn and wants him to kill. He sends Billy Kincaid to attack Spawn. After decapitating Billy Kincaid in his Hellspawn costume, Al is propositioned with physical intimacy by an obedient Wanda Blake. When she acts as his slave, Spawn lashes out killing the Wanda impersonator, revealing it was a demon all along.

When Spawn confronts Malebolgia, he learns he was being toyed with. Malebolgia tells him he was given the visage of death (when he was burned in 4th dimension), the black heart (when it was ripped out in the 4th dimension), and received the mark as he was sacrificed in the 5th dimension. Malebolgia sends him back to earth. He says he will leave Wanda untouched if he executes his bidding. He wants Al to cause evil in men's hearts, and then execute them to strengthen his army.

Meanwhile in Queens, New York, Terry Fitzgerald wakes up from a dream. He sees Spawn in this dreams and suddenly realizes Spawn may be Al.



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