Quote1 I'm Dead! or, at least I was. The faster you accept that the sooner some of this will begin to make sense. Quote2
-- Spawn

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Plot Synopsis for "Sabotage"

Spawn looks into the research Terry Fitzgerald on Jason Wynn. Terry pokes around Spawn's new habitat and finds it disgusting. He thinks Al has changed too much, and as a result he shouldn't tell Wanda as it would break her heart.

At fancy restaurant Chateau Laurier, Jason Wynn meets with Mr. Ijanna and discusses an exchange of services. Wynn is offered large sums of money for protecting their interests. As they leave, Violator pops out and asks if they are still on track for taking care of Spawn. Wynn assures him all moves as planned.

In Serbia, Spawn drops out of a plane over an armed base. He infiltrates it without using his magic so as to conserve energy. Upon infiltrating the base, Spawn spots grenade crates that are twice the size they should be. Upon busting them open, he confirms that Wynn's illegal merchandise is present. He sets a self-destruct bomb against Terry's warning and blows the place sky-high to send a message to Wynn. Spawn evacuates in time with a few high-powered guns to bring back to Terry.

Jason Wynn receives a distressed call who is terrified what he'll do to protect himself without the plan. He tells him that Wynn brought this on, that one of his men mentioned a man in a red cape right before he was killed.


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