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Plot Synopsis for "Orphans"

Eddie Frank and Andy Frank arrive in New York City to search for their friend, Spawn. They meet a man named Snake the Dealer who tricks them into becoming couriers for drugs. They tell Snake they are on the run from Alabama. They had burnt down their new foster parents' home for being too religious.

Spawn works on Cy-Gor's electronics as Major Forsberg talks in the background. He removes the tracking unit in Cy-Gor, blinding Wynn's men who were tracking it. Jason Wynn orders the deaths of the people who failed to track it and dispatches more men to find it.

Eddie and Andy had to Rat City as they heard Spawn may hang out there. When Spawn tells them he won't help them, Andy still wants to stay but Eddie storms off.

When Eddie arrives back to Snake's, he tells him he left Andy with Spawn. Snake has him deliver a package to Spawn but secretly trails him on the delivery. He wants revenge on Spawn for stopping some of his drug trades. Arriving at the alley, they open fire and wing Andy. Eddie pushes Snake back and accidentally murders him by pushing him into the ribcage of a corpse, impaling him. Spawn sends the boys home back to Alabama, but they return changed and traumatized from their experience.


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